Leadership Team

Photo of Matt Sigrist

Matt Sigrist

Head of School

P'21, '23, '26, '29

“I can think of no more rewarding work than to foster an inclusive and dynamic community and, in partnership with our families, bring out the very best in every one of our students.”

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Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Head of Upper School - faculty member

Jim O’Donnell

Head of Upper School

“I am excited to leverage the full breadth of my professional background in independent school education in support of Renbrook students, parents, faculty, staff, and fellow administrators.”

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Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Head of Lower School

Julie Schlossinger Ed.D.

Head of Lower School


“I do what I do every single day to create a culture where all students are known by their teachers and peers, supported in areas that are still developing, and celebrated for their unique personalities, accomplishments, and efforts.”

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Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Beginning School Director

Gretchen Paul

Beginning School Director

“My favorite thing is to spend time in classrooms and outside and observe the students talking together, sharing discoveries, asking each other questions, and explaining their thinking to their peers. Not only do these interactions build social and conversational skills, but these conversations help to form ideas and connections in young minds. When children cooperate and engage with each other, learning can go further than it can alone!”

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Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Chief Financial Officer

Kerry Doherty CPA, CGMA

Chief Financial Officer

P'26, '28

“I am so proud to be a member of the Renbrook community, both in my professional role with the school as well as in my role as a parent.”

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Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid

Will Strumolo

Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid

“What a joy it is to feel known day in and day out, to feel encouraged to be your truest self, and to feel inspired to do your very best. It’s a joy that makes learning genuinely fun and that brings a school community together—a joy unique to Renbrook.”

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Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Director of Marketing and Communications

Barbara Doyle

Director of Marketing & Communications

“We are so blessed with such a wonderful community of people gathered here in a spectacular setting on Avon Mountain to educate future leaders, and it is my joy to tell the story of Renbrook from so many angles each and every day.”

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Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Director of Alumni & Development

Cara Woods

Director of Alumni & Development

P'24, '30

“I am honored to be a part of the Renbrook community, both as a member of the Leadership Team, and as a current Renbrook parent. I look forward to connecting and building relationships with the extended Renbrook family, including current parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, and friends.”

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Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Assistant to the Head of School

Jennifer Caswell

Administrative Assistant to the Head of School

Class of '81

P'99, '99, '06

“The beginning of each school year brings new hope and opportunities to learn something new, to get better at something old, to re-evaluate and discover new interests. I love that sense of starting anew each year.”

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Director of Summer Camp Carleigh Schultz

Carleigh Schultz

Director of Summer Adventure and Auxiliary Programs

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