Intentional Community

It takes a village

In partnership with our families, Renbrook teachers and coaches wrap each child in a web of caring relationships. Underpinnings of respect and belonging guide intentional efforts to capture the dynamic power of our diverse community.

Here, you belong

We build community one relationship at a time, cultivating bonds of admiration and respect that bring out each child’s best self.

Reciprocal trust and high standards of behavior create classrooms where children feel comfortable taking risks, showing vulnerability, and engaging in lively debate. We accomplish this through our singular focus on knowing children, identifying their interests, partnering with families, and helping them understand their important place in the Renbrook family.

Our Diversity is our Strength, and we intentionally cultivate a sense of belonging for every member of our community. Our Diversity and Belonging Statement highlights our purpose in these efforts.

When a child comes of age in this warm embrace, our students build emotional strength, rise to the freedoms and responsibilities of membership, and learn the values of citizenship.

group of students, parents, and grandparents singing together as a community