Tuition & Financial Aid

2023-2024 Tuition Rates

Class Rate
Preschool Half Day $13,530
Preschool Full Day $20,430
Junior Kindergarten Half Day $17,820
Junior Kindergarten Full Day $24,560
Kindergarten $26,440
Grade 1 $32,030
Grade 2 $32,030
Grade 3 $32,030
Grade 4 $32,030
Grade 5 $37,620
Grade 6 $37,620
Grade 7 $39,600
Grade 8 $39,600

At Renbrook School, we believe that our campus is enriched by the diversity of our families. The talents, personalities, varying interests, and unique backgrounds of our students coming together are what make Renbrook an engaging and vibrant educational experience.

We are dedicated to providing a Renbrook education to families who qualify for need-based financial aid. Our financial aid budget allows for awards that range from 10%-70% of tuition to help make a Renbrook education possible. In addition, prospective students applying to Grade 5 – 8 have the option of applying for a merit scholarship. Please contact the admission office for more information.

$ Million
awarded annually to students in Kindergarten – Grade 8
of Renbrook students receive need-based financial aid
Renbrook Courtyard

"Renbrook teaches life skills that prepare students for the next level. First of all, they learn inclusiveness. We live in a diverse society and the kids learn to deal with others from different backgrounds. They learn to care for each other and work hard. Renbrook teaches students to be resilient by encouraging them to never give up. If a student comes up against a problem or an issue, they are taught how to work through it. I chose Renbrook because I thought that the teachers have the same goals as the parents; they want to develop each child to his/her maximum potential."

Avon Dad


"I am convinced that early education is the most important time for kids to decide that they love to learn. When you have attention at an early age in school, learning becomes something joyful rather than something that is monotonous and boring. That's what happens when you have a small class size and you have the kind of experiential learning that takes place at Renbrook."

West Hartford Mom

Information on applying for need-based financial aid for the 2024-2025 school year will be available in October.

Please contact Will Strumolo, Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid, for more information: