Faculty and Staff

photo of Nitin Acharya

Nitin Acharya

World Languages Department Head

860-236-1661 ext. 260

photo of Tracy Agreda

Tracy Agreda

Child Care Programs Staff

860-236-1661 ext. 252

photo of Derek Ali

Derek Ali

Buildings and Grounds On-Site Manager

860-236-1661 ext. 263

photo of Jessica Anastasio

Jessica Anastasio

Learning Specialist

860-236-1661 ext 203

photo of Scott Bernier

Scott Bernier


860-236-1661 ext. 228

photo of Drea Blenman

Drea Blenman

Junior Kindergarten Partner Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 302

photo of Dave Blodgett

Dave Blodgett

Academic Technology Coordinator; Upper School Media Literacy

860-236-1661 ext. 272

photo of Jen Caswell

Jen Caswell

Assistant to the Head of School

860-236-1661 ext. 233

photo of Camila Cuenca Pina

Camila Cuenca Pina

Lower School Spanish

860-236-1661 ext. 205

photo of Kim Dansin

Kim Dansin

Upper School World Languages; Mathematics, Grade 6 Level Coordinator

860-236-1661 ext. 209

photo of Katie Dawson

Katie Dawson

Music Department Head; Upper School Musical Theater Director

860-236-1661 ext. 247

photo of Fran Denote

Fran Denote


860-236-1661 ext. 230

photo of Patty DePasquale

Patty DePasquale

School Nurse

860-236-1661 ext. 218

photo of Ben Digel

Ben Digel

Grade 3

860-236-1661 ext. 207

photo of Kerry Doherty

Kerry Doherty

Chief Financial Officer

860-236-1661 ext. 237

photo of Barb Doyle

Barb Doyle

Director of Marketing and Communications

860-236-1661 ext. 232

photo of Donna DuPuis

Donna DuPuis

Front Desk Coordinator

860-236-1661 ext. 210

Placeholder for Allison Edwards

Allison Edwards

photo of Robin Egan

Robin Egan

Director of Lower School Admission

860-236-1661 ext. 258

photo of Carley Elkin

Carley Elkin

Physical Education

860-236-1661 Ext 254

photo of Robin Ellef

Robin Ellef

Junior Kindergarten Lead Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 293

photo of Maria Ettienne-Modeste

Maria Ettienne-Modeste

Junior Kindergarten Lead Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 302

photo of Abigail Falzarano

Abigail Falzarano

Preschool Lead Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 248

photo of Kathryn Ferrante

Kathryn Ferrante

Director of Library Services

860-236-1661 ext. 320

photo of Olivia Goodrich

Olivia Goodrich

Upper School STEAM

860-236-1661 ext. 211

photo of Sandy Grabicki

Sandy Grabicki

Grade 2

860-236-1661 ext. 297

photo of Eileen Grabowski

Eileen Grabowski

Staff Accountant

860-236-1661 ext. 222

photo of Kathy Greene

Kathy Greene

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 294

photo of Connie Greenwood

Connie Greenwood

Beginning School Music Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 236

Placeholder for Chloe Groth

Chloe Groth

Upper School Strings Instructor


photo of Josh Guilmartin

Josh Guilmartin

Preschool Partner Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 248

photo of Aidan Guzman

Aidan Guzman

Buildings & Grounds Staff; Child Care Programs Staff


photo of Gretchen Hathaway

Gretchen Hathaway

Editor in Chief, Renbrook Magazine

860-236-1661 ext. 239

photo of Kim Hesnan

Kim Hesnan

Preschool Lead Teacher

860-236-1661 Ext. 244

photo of Ellen Hoehne

Ellen Hoehne

Accounts Payable/Payroll Specialist

860-236-1661 ext. 226

photo of Katie Jackson

Katie Jackson

Design & Woodworking

860-236-1661 ext. 235

photo of Jane Johansen

Jane Johansen

Grade 5 Teacher; Grade 5 Team Coordinator

860-236-1661 ext. 215

photo of Kayla Johnson

Kayla Johnson

Kindergarten Partner Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 212

photo of Joe Keach-Longo

Joe Keach-Longo

Grade 5 Teacher

860-236-1661 ext 243

photo of Steve Kendall

Steve Kendall

Buildings & Grounds

860-236-1661 ext. 420

photo of Natalie Kirkpatrick

Natalie Kirkpatrick

Assistant Athletic Director; Physical Education

860-236-1661 ext. 254

photo of Becky Klein

Becky Klein

Art Department Head; Lower School Art

860-236-1661 ext. 223

photo of Sarah Knortz

Sarah Knortz

School Counselor

860-236-1661 ext. 250

Placeholder for Jessica Koch

Jessica Koch

Buildings & Grounds, Staff


photo of Sue Kuzia

Sue Kuzia

Grade 2

860-236-1661 ext. 206

photo of Blair Lachance

Blair Lachance

Upper School World Languages


photo of Maureen Louis

Maureen Louis

Beginning and Lower School Spanish; Lower School Academic Technology Coordinator

860-236-1661 ext. 283

photo of Amy Ma

Amy Ma

English Department Head; Director of Writing; Diversity & Belonging Co-Coordinator

860-236-1661 ext. 310

photo of Heidi Macel

Heidi Macel

Campaign Coordinator

860-236-1661 Ext. 308

photo of Paul Madore

Paul Madore

Director of Facilities

860-236-1661 ext. 259

photo of Elissa Mauke

Elissa Mauke

Grade 3

860-236-1661 ext. 289

photo of Abbey Mazella

Abbey Mazella

Science; Mathematics

860-236-1661 ext. 311

photo of Ross McLay

Ross McLay

Humanities & History Department Head; Dean of Students

860-236-1661 ext. 213

photo of Marianne Michailow

Marianne Michailow

Mathematics; Grade 8 Level Co-Coordinator; MATHCOUNTS Coach

860-236-1661 ext. 261

photo of Kira Miskimmin

Kira Miskimmin

Director of Alumni Relations & Donor Engagement

860-236-1661 ext. 249

photo of Yasmid Montalvo

Yasmid Montalvo

Junior Kindergarten Partner Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 293

photo of Mark Morrison

Mark Morrison

Grade 4

860-236-1661 ext. 221

photo of Jen Murray

Jen Murray

Student Support Services Interventionist

860-236-1661 ext. 229

photo of Kristen Musumano

Kristen Musumano

Grade 1

860-236-1661 ext. 290

photo of Jackie Nickeo

Jackie Nickeo

History; Diversity and Belonging Co-Coordinator

860-236-1661 ext. 200

photo of Jim O'Donnell

Jim O’Donnell

Head of Upper School

860-236-1661 ext. 214

photo of Sherry Ouellet

Sherry Ouellet

Manager of Advancement Services

860-236-1661 ext. 225

photo of Gretchen Paul

Gretchen Paul

Director of Beginning School

860-236-1661 ext. 306

photo of Jessica Pietrosanti

Jessica Pietrosanti

Lower School Music; Upper School Band

860-236-1661 Ext. 238

photo of Emily Plocharczyk

Emily Plocharczyk

Humanities; English

860-236-1661 ext. 234

Placeholder for Grace A. Polk

Grace A. Polk

Interim Lower and Upper School Music

860-236-1661 Ext. 238

photo of Claire Rafala

Claire Rafala

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 212

photo of Veena Raghuvir

Veena Raghuvir

Beginning & Lower School Counselor

860-236-1661 ext. 277

photo of Tia Raimo

Tia Raimo

Beginning & Lower School Administrative Assistant & Registrar

860-236-1661 ext. 241

photo of Nancy Reynolds

Nancy Reynolds

Grade 1

860-236-1661 ext. 231

photo of Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds

Director of Athletics

860-236-1661 ext. 255

photo of Robbie Saal

Robbie Saal

Kindergarten Partner Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 294

photo of Dyanara Santa

Dyanara Santa

Child Care Programs Staff

860-236-1661 ext. 252

photo of Julie Schlossinger

Julie Schlossinger

Head of Lower School

860-236-1661 ext. 269

photo of Carleigh Schultz

Carleigh Schultz

Director of Auxiliary Programs

860.236.1661 ext 303

photo of Matt Sigrist

Matt Sigrist

Head of School

860-236-1661 ext. 224

photo of Heather Singer

Heather Singer

Admission & Marketing Coordinator

860-236-1661 ext 227

Placeholder for Sue Sniffin

Sue Sniffin

Child Care Programs Staff

860-236-1661 ext. 252

photo of Kristen Stepanishen

Kristen Stepanishen

Grade 4 Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 291

photo of May Stoffer

May Stoffer

Upper School Art

860-236-1661 ext. 257

photo of Will Strumolo

Will Strumolo

Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid

860-236-1661 ext. 219

photo of Eleanor Strumolo

Eleanor Strumolo

Mathematics Department Head

860-236-1661 ext. 202

photo of Jed Stuart

Jed Stuart

Director of Secondary School Guidance; Secondary School Seminar

860-236-1661 Ext. 266

Placeholder for Sully Sullivan

Sully Sullivan

Challenge Course Coordinator

860-236-1661 ext. 324

photo of Lisa Terwilliger

Lisa Terwilliger

Upper School Registrar & Administrative Assistant

860-236-1661 ext. 217

photo of Lincoln Vaughan

Lincoln Vaughan


860-236-1661 ext. 285

photo of Jess Wawzyniecki

Jess Wawzyniecki

Lower School STEM

860-236-1661 ext. 298

photo of Sue Werner

Sue Werner

Director of Technology

860-236-1661 ext. 271

photo of Maya White

Maya White

Preschool Partner Teacher

860-236-1661 ext. 244

photo of Linda Wood

Linda Wood

Director of Student Support Services

860-236-1661 ext. 267

photo of Cara Woods

Cara Woods

Director of Alumni and Development

860-236-1661 ext. 282

photo of Howard Wright

Howard Wright

Science Department Head

860-236-1661 ext. 216

photo of Allie Young

Allie Young

Director of Development Operations & Individual Giving

860-236-1661 ext. 318

photo of Andy Zelman

Andy Zelman

Front Desk Coordinator

860-236-1661 ext 210

photo of Joe Zoni

Joe Zoni

Chef Manager

860-236-1661 ext. 305