Jennifer Caswell

Administrative Assistant to the Head of School

P'99, '99, '06

Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Assistant to the Head of School

“The beginning of each school year brings new hope and opportunities to learn something new, to get better at something old, to re-evaluate and discover new interests. I love that sense of starting anew each year.”

Jen is in her 38th year at Renbrook school and is in the unique position of being a Renbrook School alumnus, parent, and integral member of our administration. She graduated from Renbrook in 1981 and started working in the library at the age of 19. Jen was preceded by both her mother and grandmother, who held important and respected roles at Renbrook School. One of the greatest joys of her career here was watching her three daughters graduate in 1999 and 2006 and taking their photo in front of the tree planted here on campus in her grandmother’s memory.

Jen is considered a “jack of all trades” and has held many positions in our school completing tasks such as digitizing library data, managing data in the development office, and supporting four heads of school. You will find her all over campus participating in Renbrook life and helping her esteemed colleagues. Her co-workers look to her as an endless wealth of knowledge regarding all things Renbrook. Her deep commitment and love for our school are infectious and parents and students can always count on her to welcome and guide them on their journey. In addition to her role supporting Head of School, Matt Sigrist, Jen serves as the liaison between the administration and the Board of Trustees.

What has kept you at Renbrook School for so long?

“The people and the relationships that are created and fostered here. Renbrook attracts special people and they all have impacted me in some way. To be part of this community – one whose goal is to educate children to challenge themselves, become themselves, and to be the best version of themselves – is uplifting and wonderful.”