Julie Schlossinger Ed.D.

Head of Lower School


Leadership Team Member at Renbrook School - Head of Lower School

“I do what I do every single day to create a culture where all students are known by their teachers and peers, supported in areas that are still developing, and celebrated for their unique personalities, accomplishments, and efforts.”

Julie grew up in Brewster, NY. She earned a BA in Writing and Child Development from East Carolina University, an MSEd in Educational Leadership from Bank Street College of Education, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Hartford. Before landing here on Avon Mountain, Julie held various teaching positions from Preschool through Grade 4. In 2004, Julie relocated and became the Lower School Division Director for grades K through 5 at the Vail Mountain School in Colorado.

Julie has been at Renbrook School for 6 years now and uses her position to advocate for all students, teachers, and families in the Lower School. This includes making sure that teachers are equipped with the best professional development, curriculum, materials, and skills to help support students at all levels. Julie actively works with parents to support their children and foster communication and goal setting between the families and teachers.

What are the most important skills our Lower School students learn to prepare them for the Upper School?

“Lower School Students learn how to regulate their emotions and behaviors, how to be positive members of their class communities, and how to advocate for themselves and others. These are skills that are explicitly taught and nurtured here at Renbrook. We focus on each child to help them grow in all areas; social, emotional, and academic. We do this through modeling, meaningful discussions, and collaborative work.”