Renbrook Summer Adventure Staff

Our RSSA Camp Counselors are the heart of our program. The dedication and passion they bring every day shape our camper's experiences and build lasting and memorable relationships.

We are so grateful to have the best Camp Staff around! A beloved counselor Regina, talks about her experience at RSSA below.

“Working at RSSA is the best kind of work—the fun kind! I spend my summers collaborating with an amazing staff, listening to children's nonstop laughter, and creating lifelong memories with everyone.

Each morning’s arrival has the same energy and excitement as the first day I arrived on the Renbrook campus in 2001. I start my day in anticipation of the joy that I am sure to feel throughout every action-packed day. With over 75 acres of activities, it’s easy to get lost in the magic of it all.

The absolute best part of working at RSSA is being there with my daughter. Family and community are the cornerstones of the Renbrook experience. Exploring the wonders of the camp through her eyes is a gift. Renbrook School Summer Adventure is a gift, and I hope to continue receiving it for many more years to come.”

RSSA Staff with Camper

Counselor In Training (CIT) Program Grades 11 & 12

Students entering grades eleven and twelve can apply to be part of a select group of high schoolers who garner experience in a counseling environment to build for future employment at schools and camps. This is a highly selective program for students to work and build experience in a CIT Development Rotation. Applications will be available after February 1.

In a carefully structured program, CITs work in different assignments throughout the summer, such as a counseling group or Activity Director Assistant, to gain a broad experience for the future. In addition, CITs meet regularly as a group with an advisor who leads discussions on child development, activity planning, and all matters pertaining to camp life. Upon successfully completing the CIT program, students are invited to return the following summer as a Junior Counselor, on a space-available basis.

After receiving the completed application and recommendations, an appointment for an interview will be made in April or May.