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Our Camp Programs are immense in offerings and experiences!  There is something for everyone.  Outdoors and indoors, athletic and artistic, academic, and just pure fun!  Take a look at just a small sample of all of the adventures to be had at RSSA. These programs are already included in the camper's daily schedules based on their divisions so there is no need to choose ahead of time.
Each summer, campers engage in a series of science adventures like no other! At RSSA we inspire a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and science while teaching creative problem-solving skills, teamwork, and perseverance in a fun, kid-friendly environment.


Campers will receive an introduction to rocketry by building their own rocket under the guidance of our staff. Campers will learn, explore, design, and build throughout the session, with a focus on developing campers' natural curiosity around engineering and science! At the end of each session, campers will be ready to launch their rockets on the athletic fields.


Robotics combines fun with the opportunity for campers to build and engineer robots while learning the basics of engineering, visual coding, and teamwork! Counselors incorporate competitive challenges where campers work together to task their robots to complete specific actions. Robotics brings learning to life with a little bit of engineering and a lot of fun!

                                    Pond Science

Our pond is a half-acre of frogs, fish, turtles, and tadpoles.  Under our dedicated Pond staff's supervision, the campers will learn about pond ecosystems and then explore all around the pond.

Campers can search for wildlife as they join the staff on an adventure around the pond. Some campers have been known to wade into the pond to catch frogs and tadpoles. Don’t forget our resident celebrity turtle, Michelangelo. This turtle is the king (or maybe queen) of the pond and is always interested in seeing who stopped by.

While on an adventure around the pond, campers can enjoy a small creek as well. This creek is next to the pond and in the woods. It offers a chance to see a different environment while trekking around the pond.  All of this fun is really a learning experience.

Our pond staff catch live fish, tadpoles, and frogs to put in our aquariums so the campers can see these freshwater creatures up close.  Every once in a while, a snake makes its way into an aquarium too!!

Kitchen Science

Playing with food - it's something campers love to do. What's better than playing with food> Using food to learn! Whether it's learning about chemical reactions while making home-made ice cream, or studying density while making home-made "lava" lamps - kitchen science provides the perfect opportunity for campers to explore the world of edible science!


Perfect for campers of all skill sets and interests who want to get involved in building, making, and designing. We change our definition of what technology is, and use our extensive collection of high-tech and low-tech tools to work on engineering and design projects, computer-based activities, and so much more! Our air-conditioned computer lab and engineering lab give campers hands-on opportunities to engage with technology of all types!


Come Get your Brick on at RSSA! Calling all creative campers, LEGO fanatics, and future architects! Building LEGO is so much fun - and building with LEGO at camp with friends is even more fun. Campers love to explore and discover ways to build all kinds of structures, from houses to rockets. Get ready to let imaginations fly!

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Renbrook School Summer Adventure is a day camp open to three-year-old children through Grade 10, and a Counselor in Training Program for Grades 11 and 12 in West Hartford, CT.
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