Professional Development Program

Renbrook Challenge Course and Experiential Program is a hands-on training program used to promote leadership, communication, problem solving, goal setting, change management and conflict resolution skills through activities that foster community, teamwork, build confidence, and improve self-esteem. It incorporates activities such as Low and High ropes course elements, and on-ground problem solving activities and initiatives. Specific content is customized to client population, goals, and outcomes desired.

Our Professional Development Program is a 3–6-hour program creating an atmosphere of open communication, building relationships among departments/personnel, and developing trust. Focusing on growing community in the workplace with a specific theme, this can be tailored as a beginning-of-season/year jump start program, a mid-year focused retreat, or a year-end celebration.

Renbrook Challenge Course subscribes to the Experiential Education principles of Choice, Value Contracting/Condition. Choice means as participants engage in each activity, they can choose their own level of challenge while understanding they will be encouraged and supported by all. Full Value Contracting/Condition is the agreed understanding by all participants to support all group members and respect each person’s choices. Success and value happen for everyone when choices, respect, and support are present.

Please contact William "Sully" Sulivan, Challenge Course Coordinator, at or at 860-236-1661 ext 324, for additional information.