Why Study Latin?

The study of Latin is…

…one of the best ways to improve your reading and writing skills:
More than a third of English working vocabulary is derived from Latin. In addition, most prefixes and suffixes are of Latin derivation. Studying Latin will increase one’s knowledge and understanding of English vocabulary immensely. Furthermore, since Latin sentence structure is so different from that of English, a student must analyze the structure of English grammar in depth. As a result, both reading and writing skills can noticeably improve every year that one studies Latin.

…one of the best ways to sharpen the mind:
The study of Latin supports the development of abstract thinking and analytical skills. Every Latin sentence is a new puzzle that one can only solve by using the grammatical steps learned in class. Students learn to think both in structured and creative ways, which equips them with problem-solving skills for life.

…one of the best ways to prepare for high SSAT and SAT scores, and a high GPA:
The statistics do not lie. Nationwide there is a clear correlation between the students who take Latin and their SSAT and SAT scores. Both the abstract thinking and the vocabulary skills learned in Latin classes can be invaluable when taking standardized tests. In addition, students who have studied Latin have, on average, a higher grade point average in college than those who have not.

…one of the best ways to prepare for a career in law, medicine, or science:
Until a hundred years ago, Latin was the primary language used by lawyers, doctors and scientists. As a result, these professions and disciplines are still steeped in Latin terminology. If you intend to pursue in career law, medicine, or science, an understanding of the Latin language will, therefore, give you enormous advantage over students who do not know it.

...one of the best ways to understand Western Civilization:
The study of Roman political history and civilization increases awareness and appreciation of the enormous contributions of the Romans to our own civilization. It raises political consciousness and perspectives on American history through exposure to the early political philosophies that directly influenced the American founders and other inspiring figures in the history of Western Civilization.