The Gift of Summer Camp

child in pool at camp

As we embark on the Season of Giving and the annual Day of Giving today, we think of others and embrace how our kindness and generosity can impact their lives. The working definition of giving is “to give to another in some terms, to make gifts or presents, or give to charity: to provide love or other emotional support or caring.” As we think about giving this season, let’s consider giving the gift of Summer Camp.

Camp Benefits

The lessons learned at summer camp are priceless, and the experience is one a child will never forget. Children need outside play and opportunities to develop relationships to maximize social-emotional health. But today, social isolation is an issue for many children. They spend more time than ever before in a virtual world of screen time, unlimited in its content. 

color fun run at summer camp

At summer camp, children spend their days outdoors, learning lifelong skills in an accepting and nurturing environment. Meeting new people and trying new things is part of the camp culture. It’s a safe place, physically and emotionally, that helps children develop socialization skills, build collaborative relationships, and engage in physical activity. Learning about themselves and the world outside the traditional classroom environment can do wonders for growth and development.

Positive Role Models

Camp counselors facilitate fun, mentor children, and act as role models. They guide campers as they develop relationships and create new friendships. The connections between counselors and campers help kids develop the confidence, self-esteem, and skills they need to be successful in school and life. They nurture each child, encouraging them to try new things and conquer fears, helping them become the best version of themselves. Whether dancing in front of a crowd at a dance party or mastering the climbing wall in front of their peers, camp experiences help children develop confidence and build character. 

Give the Gift of Camp

The value of a summer camp experience for your child will live on for years. It is a gift your child will appreciate as they grow in confidence, develop a network of lifelong friends, and create memories that will fill their hearts with joy. 

Renbrook Summer Kids in Pool

So, as you consider what it means to give today on Giving Tuesday – “the act of providing love or other emotional support or caring,” we hope you see how a summer camp experience makes a beautiful gift. Explore Renbrook School Summer Adventure and give the gift of camp this holiday season.

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