From Caterpillar to Monarch Butterfly: A Magical Journey!

monarch butterfly 2

Ah, the Monarch Butterfly. Do you remember the awe and wonder of witnessing a caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly as a child? It’s a magical experience that captivates young minds. Junior Kindergarten students at Renbrook School are so lucky to benefit from the passion that their teacher, Robin Ellef, holds for these beautiful creatures.…

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ALUMS IN ACTION: Morgan Caswell ’06, Manager of Air Quality Practices for the Port of Long Beach, CA

Alumna Morgan Caswell

Renbrook alum, Morgan Caswell, Zoomed in to give seventh and eighth graders a window into how science and technology are at work to solve a complex environmental problem in Southern California. The students were riveted by her clear explanation of how she is coordinating the efforts of industry, government, science, and citizens to clean up some of the dirtiest air in the country. What was Morgan’s path to this critical job?

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Scientific Thinking in the Seventh Grade

Science teacher explaining tree growth to student

“SCIENCE: Because figuring things out is better than making stuff up.” This quotation from Neil Degrasse Tyson, is emblazoned on one of Howard Wright’s favorite T-shirts, and it sums up the core of scientific thinking. Evidence, tested and tried, is the basis of knowledge, not assumptions, hunches, or opinions. Skepticism, readiness to reconsider, and openness to new evidence are essential to scientific thinking, and our Upper School students live it every day.

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Inquiry Based Learning

STEM teacher with student at computer

Olivia Goodrich, Upper School STEAM teacher, is all about inquiry-based learning. The process goes like this: start with a question; observe; gather data; generate more questions to guide further observation; continually revisit the same phenomenon to dig deeper; test your previous conclusions.

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