How Are We Beautifully Different?  

We are all beautifully different illustration of thumb prints
What a treat it is to share the culmination of our first units in Preschool through Kindergarten with our readers. Each grade’s unit strove to answer the essential question, “How are we beautifully different?” This question stems from Renbrook’s Diversity and Belonging Vision Statement “Beautifully different, stronger together, united in purpose for the public good.” At the Beginning School, we are laying the foundation for our students to feel “stronger together and to be united in purpose for the public good” by first supporting them to develop a strong sense of self and embrace others.  
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Black History: Beyond the Month of February


Black History Month was created to ensure due attention was given to the numerous and important contributions of people of African descent. The goal was not for discussions, research, and projects to start and end in February; Black history is American history and should be woven into conversations with children throughout the year.

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Recently, many people around the globe celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Diwali for Hindus is similar in importance as Christmas for Christians.  Ms. Raghuvir, Renbrook’s Lower School Counselor, helped set up a Happy Diwali display right inside the entrance to the Nelson Building during that week. There were photos, diyas and LED tea light candles, and books.
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Love Makes a Family

Helping young children understand the differences and similarities between their families strengthens their sense of identity and helps them grow into empathetic friends and classmates. At the Early Learning Center, we find many ways to help children talk about their families and to foster inclusivity and belonging.

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