Think Outside the Box

Recently, several teachers assigned a “Think Outside the Box Thursday” exercise for their students upon arrival to the classroom. When I dropped into the classrooms, hearing what each student created out of two simple lines on a blank piece of paper confirmed that our teachers continue to provide unique ways for our students to develop further problem-solving and creativity skills. Those skills have been identified as having a significant impact on college achievement and future work success.
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Play is the Work of Children

x-rays of children's hands
As parents, we often worry. Will my child ever stop crying at drop-off? Will they learn their letters? Will they write their name? Will they learn to read? The answer is yes. They will do all of these things. If we can remember this, it will allow us to take a deep breath, model calmness for our children, and allow them to enjoy where they are developmentally. 
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The Gifts of RecessĀ 

Often when I speak with elementary age children and ask what their favorite subject is in school, the answer most frequently given is… recess. At one time, I hoped I would hear math, reading, or writing, but 9 out of 10 times, it was always recess. It’s actually comical to watch the doors open to the playground and see so many children run out squealing with their arms open wide as if they are hugging the air. It’s such a common behavior and a true gift that brings me joy every time I see it. At this point in my career, I no longer wish to hear the words math, reading, or writing when I ask that question. You see, I now know that recess is a truly significant and important class for our students and one that should not be overlooked.  
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