Renbrook School Celebrates Flight Day

Grade 2 students standing in front of large Pratt & Whitney engine
In recognition of our rich aviation history, Renbrook School recently held a day-long Flight Day celebration after a 3-year pandemic-induced hiatus. Flight Day is an annual all-school event that began in 2010 and joyously celebrates the deep connection between Renbrook School, the Frederick B. Rentschler family, and Pratt & Whitney.
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Renbrook School is Rich in History – Right Down to the Faucets

Renbrook School is rich in history and evidence of that history is alive and well on our campus today. Renbrook School was originally the home of Frederick B. Rentschler, co-founder of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, his wife Faye Belden Rentschler, and their children. The estate was built more than 90 years ago and later became a school when Mr. Rentschler created a non-profit foundation to honor his late wife who had been the chief designer of the home. 

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