Students Participate in COLT Poetry Contest

From left to right in group photo:
Andrew L., Dora L. , Adriana B. , Manu N. , Griffin S., Robert H., Simone R.

Photo with medal winner: Simone R. – Silver Medal for French Middle School 2

Seven Renbrook students participated in the 2019 Connecticut Council of Language Teachers Annual Poetry Recitation Contest, which was held on Apr. 3 at Rockville High School in Vernon. 
Griffin S. (French MS 1)
Robbie H. (Spanish MS 1)
Andrew L. (Latin MS 1)
Adriana B. (Spanish MS Heritage Speaker)
Simone R. (French MS 2)
Manu N. (Spanish MS 2)
Dora L. (Mandarin MS Heritage Speaker)

Since January, these students perfected their recitation of poems from well-known poets of their languages of study. The seven participants won the in-class and all-school run-offs. At the statewide contest, approximately 600 students from 50 schools competed in 16 languages. Poems for Middle School had between 10 – 20 lines. Students were judged in four areas: memorization, diction, interpretation, and body language. Latin poetry had to be recited according to the classical meter. All students received a certificate of participation. Simone R. won the Silver Medal for the French Middle School 2 category! We are proud of their dedication and courage!

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