Skin Color Study in Junior Kindergarten

In one Junior Kindergarten classroom, this is how our skin color study looked: 
First, the teacher read books, lots of books that showcased different skin colors and described them. (Photo 1)

The students began to think about their own skin color and what it resembled. Was it like French toast, cinnamon, a chocolate cupcake? (Photo 2)
Ms. Bird joined the class and set-up a paint mixing station. One by one, students came to mix and name their own custom skin color paint. (Photos 3-5)
Ms. Ellef helped each child paint their hands and make personal handprints. (Photo 6)
The students then had their own paint colors when it was time to create self-portraits. (Photos 7 and 8)

We often hear the students in Ms. Ellef’s class referring to one another’s skin color and saying, “You’re chocolate cupcake”, “You’re French toast!” When everyone recognizes their own skin color and can describe it, there is no assumption that one shade is “normal.”

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