Seventh Grade “Dog Unit” Raises over $2500 for the Fidelco Foundation

During the 7th grade Life Science course, a unit of study focuses on people’s capacity to form emotional attachment to a variety of living things, and dogs are the best example. During the celebrated “Dog Unit,” students deepen their understanding of the emotional attachment that exists between humans and dogs in a number of ways. In addition to inviting well-behaved family dogs to visit their class, the students welcome representatives and their dogs from the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation and Oak Hill, an organization that helps people with disabilities. In addition, Ben Garson from Dogology explained how a master dog trainer trains a dog, and two owners of therapy dogs explained the therapeutic effect of dogs in settings such as schools, hospitals, airports, libraries, and prisons. The students enjoyed being with two pugs, Oscar and Murray and Beau a Labrador/basset hound mix. The unit culminated with a bake sale and a fundraiser event to benefit Fidelco. The entire school was invited to attend the big event where seventh graders organized a number of experiences and activities, including a “blind obstacle course,” a dog trivia game, and an auditory challenge: “Do you speak dog?” Local pet supply stores also donated items for a blind auction. The centerpiece of the event were three Fidelco puppies-in-training – Piper, Valor, and Wookie – and everyone present them and many had their picture taken with a Fidelco puppy in the puppy photo booth. It was a great group effort and the bake sale and Friday event raised over $2500.00.

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