Renbrook School Continues Tradition for Sixth Graders

Renbrook School sixth graders presented their Greek Plays for a large audience on campus included costumes and props as part of their sixth grade curriculum.

“The Greek Play allows every single student to contribute, interact with people they might not otherwise get to know, and shine on the stage,” says Amy Ma, an English teacher in the Upper School. “By performing the myths, the students demonstrate that they know the stories and the characters thoroughly. Through their performances, the students show that they understand themes, plot, character, conflict, and a myriad of other elements of literature,” says Ma.
Several stories were interpreted on stage from Athena’s life including the Trojan War, and the stories of Artemis, Hades, Persephone, and Demeter.
The students wrote the play over the course of two months and rehearsed for two weeks. The students will never forget the power of this event, in which they come together to continue the wondrous tradition of story-telling.
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