Renbrook Alumna Lauren Horn ’10 Performs “Cleave”

Lauren Horn founded Subira vs. Movement, a movement and text-based company dedicated to the exploration of identity and its relationship to technology. Subira is Swahili meaning patience is rewarded. Each work strives to encourage the audience to reflect upon their own unique identities and contemplate the ways in which they view, marginalize, accept, and or reject the identities of others.
Lauren’s recent performance in the UCONN series is called “Cleave” and is described as “a protest, a question, a dance of sorts, and a proclamation of the beauty of the Black body. Passing through states of anger, pride, joy, and mischief, ‘Cleave’ explores Blackness in America during the year 2020.” In her interview with NPR, curator Arien Wilkerson described Lauren as “an incredible, dynamic, powerful, strong dancer, and she has something to say, and she is fiery, and she is not about to let anybody bulldoze her over.”
Lauren is from Windsor, CT, and graduated from Amherst College with degrees in Psychology and Theatre and Dance.
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