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Legacy Society

Legacy Society Members

Renbrook School recognizes donors who have chosen to support our mission by including the school in their estate plans.

When you provide for Renbrook School in your will or estate plans, you join an exclusive group of philanthropic leaders as a member of the 
Legacy Society. 
Each year, we host our Legacy Society members for a three-course dinner with our Head of School, the Board of Trustees, and donors who have given the previous year at the Faye Belden Rentschler Circle ($1,000) and above. In addition to remarks from the Head, the evening features student speakers and artists, good food and wine, leading faculty and staff, and the company of philanthropic leaders, all in an intimate setting at Renbrook School.

In addition, our Legacy Society members are invited annually to our Home for the Holidays Reception in December and our Legacy Luncheon in the Spring.

Next Steps

You should consult with your financial, tax, or legal advisor to choose the best planned-giving vehicle for your personal financial goals.

Please let us know if you have included Renbrook School in your estate plans so we may ensure the purpose of your gift is understood, show our gratitude for your generosity, and welcome you to the Legacy Society.
Please contact James Ebert or Kira Miskimmin to help facilitate your philanthropic wishes. 

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List of 2 members.

Mr. & Mrs. R. Bruce Albro
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Barnes
Susan R. Barney
Dr. & Mrs. Steven A. Belinkie
Whit & Jarre Betts '66
Mr. & Mrs. Rajeev Bhalla
Ms. Susan R. Block*
Mr. James E. Bowers & Ms. Rebecca L. Swanson-Bowers
David I. Brown*
Joan E. Brown*
Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Harris
Diane F. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Buckey
Susan E. Buckey '82
Alice G. Cheney '71
Dr. Mary Christ & J. Kevin Hassett
Neil B. & Patricia R. Clark
Cynthia C. Clarke '54*
Mrs. Barbara V.G. Coffin
David B. Cole '41*
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Conklin*
Douglas & Jane Cramphin
Ms. Mary H. Crary
Ms. Marilynne Cruz-Aponte
Robert E. Darling, Jr. '49*
Ethel F. Davis '62
Kaye DeLano
Robert V. Deutsch
Mr. & Mrs. William A. DiBella
Cindi H. Dietlin
Mr. John E. Ellsworth*
Mrs. Grace E. Ellsworth*
Mrs. Virginia F. Farquhar*
Mr. & Mrs. Seth B. Fierston '79
Ann Finholt & John Willis
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Fletcher
Elizabeth P. Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Foley
John Ford*
Lili Francklyn '67
Mr. & Mrs. E. Clayton Gengras, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Giesea
Mrs. William W. Graulty*
Mrs. Harry J. Gray
Dr. Bancroft F. Greene '53
The Hon. Eunice Groark '50*
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Groothuis
Jeanne Hamilton '64
Lisa Somerville Hampton '69
Mr. J. Kevin Hassett & Dr. Mary Christ
Neale & Carol Hauss '71
Dr. & Mrs. Donald W. Hight
Benjamin A. Hilyard '96
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Hilyard '57
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hincks
Mrs. Anne S. P. Hoar*
Jennifer Walkwitz Hoffmann '93
Mr. Alan N. Houghton*
Elizabeth af Jochnick
Louise H. Kellogg
Mr. & Mrs. Harlan M. Kent
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Kingston
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Klett
Gretchen W. LaBau
Marfie & Joe Lavendier
Philip & Susan Lefebvre
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Lee*
Clifton A. Leonhardt
Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Lewis
Ms. Harriet B. Lidgerwood*
Gladys G. Macdonough
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Magee, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Marinelli
Mr. E. Merritt McDonough*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. McLaughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. McLoughlin
Robert & Lynn Metz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyers
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Mitchell*
Ann Faude Newbury '54
Katherine & William Nixon
Mr. & Mrs. John F. O'Connell, Jr. '72
Mrs. Gunnar S. Overstrom, Jr.*
Edith Wilcock Patrick '50
Capt. Michael T. Perrottet '93
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Perzan
Mr. Peter V.N. Philip
Mr. & Mrs. William V. N. Philip '76
Daniel Quinn & Jessica M. Johanns
Charles P. Reagan
Edgar M. Reed '62
Nancy J. Rethmeier
Jennifer Hincks Reynolds '76
Mr.* & Mrs. G. Stoddard Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Ezra H. Ripple IV '64
Mrs. Katharine Robinson
R. Craig & Yvonne Robinson
Mrs. Katharine Robinson
John G. Russell
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Sakow
Mrs. Mary T. Sargent
Andrew F. Schacht
Mr. Henry S. Scherer, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Allyn Seymour, Jr. '67
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan E. Seymour '73
Jane C. Shipp
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Slimmon, Jr.
Nancy J. Sloan '53
Mr. & Mrs. David F. Smith
Nancy W. Stearns
Mrs. Theodore W. Stedman, Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Stedman, Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Stout '61
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Stout '52
Elizabeth T. Stout '55
Melinda M. & Paul R. C. Sullivan
Drs. Gordon & Marcie Swift
Leontine M. Thomson '62
Mrs. Lilly Biscoe Torrey*
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Tracy
David S. & Merle J. Trager
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Tuck*
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery R. Verney
Mr. Donald Walkwitz
Mr. Donald Walkwitz
Mrs. John L. Way II*
Peter J. Wertheim '93*
Mr. & Mrs. Roland F. Young III
Mr. & Mrs. David K. Zwiener


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