Grandparent Community

Every year the Grandparent Executive Committee selects a distinctive project to fund. Projects directly benefit students and support school priorities. We are grateful for the leadership of the Grandparent Committee.

Leadership of Grandparent Executive Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Barnes P'88 '91 '92 '96 GP'16 '18 '22 
  • Pierre and Dawn Boulanger GP'24 '28
  • Mr. & Mrs. E. Clayton Gengras, Jr. P'85 '87 GP'15 '17 '20 '21 '24
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jon A. Manafort GP'13 '16 '18 '19 '20 '25
  • Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Mandell P'84 GP'21 '21
  • Mr. & Mrs. Curtis D. Robinson GP'25
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gene H. Rosenberg GP'21 '23
  • Mr. Henry S. Scherer, Jr. P'81 '82 GP'18 '20
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Schwartz GP'18 '21
  • David S. & Merle J. Trager P'86 '88 GP'18 '21
  • Mr. Lawrence G. Tribble, Jr. P'91 '93 GP'22 '25

Grandparent Projects

List of 3 items.

  • Current Project

    This year and next, the Grandparent Executive Committee is leading an effort to raise at least $110,000 from all current grandparents to fund the retrofitting of the Justin B. Nozko Gym with air conditioning.

    All students at Renbrook use the Nozko Gym for a variety of physical education activities. While a top-notch gymnastics facility, the space currently lacks air conditioning and cannot be used to its full potential during the warmer months. Air conditioning the Nozko Gym will allow this space to be used year-round, enhancing the Renbrook experience for all students.

    Grandparent Fund gifts of all amounts are gratefully received, and last year gifts ranged from $25 to $10,000. Gifts can be made by check, online, by stock transfer or, for those 70½ years of age and older, via a tax-free IRA distribution. For assistance, please call Director of Development James Ebert at 860.236.1661. Thank you!
  • 2017-18 Grandparent Projects

    Last year, grandparents funded two important projects, the locker room renovation and the Courtyard restoration.

    First, grandparents funded a $25,000 match to gifts from alumni and others to renovate the girls' and boys' locker rooms.
    Built in 1970, Renbrook's well-used locker rooms remained unchanged until 2018 when they received a full refresh. Thanks to the generous support of our grandparents, alumni and other friends of Renbrook, the locker rooms now better reflect the quality of the programs they serve.

    The second grandparent project funded repairs to and restoration of the school’s front Courtyard. Specifically, a $25,000+ gift from grandparents allowed for the broken fieldstone and cement in the Courtyard to be replaced with new fieldstone. It also made possible the full restoration and replacement of the building’s original window shutters, allowing Renbrook's iconic Courtyard to welcome community members and visitors alike.
  • 2015-2017 Grandparent Project

    Thanks to a two-year long effort, grandparents funded enhancements to the Early Learning Center.

    Gifts from grandparents funded important upgrades to Renbrook’s Early Learning Center. Outside landscaping and playground fencing, coupled with interior painting, new lighting, new appropriately child-sized furniture, and well-designed storage and play units all make for a welcoming and cheerful school for Renbrook’s youngest students. 
    • Chairs of the Grandparent Executive Committee: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Barnes

Grandparents & Great Friends Day
May 10, 2019

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