Former Renbrook Parent and Trustee Pens Lolita in the Afterlife

The book includes 30 essays described as “a vibrant collection of sharp and essential modern pieces on Vladimir Nabokov’s perennially provocative book—with original contributions from a stellar cast of prominent twenty-first century writers.” In its editorial review, BookPage shares, “A number of books about Nabokov and Lolita have been published in the last few years, but Lolita in the Afterlife seems to be the first to wholly reassess the work’s legacy as our society grapples with the harm caused by white male privilege and the age-old propensity to look the other way. All tallied, the book’s 30 essays (as well as Quigley’s own incisive introduction) are, by necessity, contradictory, bracing, uncomfortable, thought-provoking, informative, entertaining, and, in the end, inconclusive—not unlike Lolita itself.”

Jenny Minton Quigley is a former Renbrook parent, trustee, and active Parent Association member. Jenny’s three sons attended Renbrook and she coordinated many author events here, bringing, among others, Christina Baker Kline, whose Orphan Train was read by our Upper School students. Congratulations Jenny!

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