Fifth Graders Experience Colonial Times

As part of the history program, fifth grade students created a colonial village, interpreting the life and times of 1700s America. Students learn colonial skills, trades, professions, music, and dance, portraying characters from colonial times. They started the unit by welcoming Plimoth Plantation into their fifth grade classrooms as part of their history program. Colonial Museum teachers taught students about clothing, family roles, home life, school, games, food, and farming. During this annual visit, the visiting guests came to the class dressed in traditional clothing to discuss the Mayflower Compact.

Plimoth Plantation (, founded in 1947, is a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, that attempts to replicate the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century by English colonists who later became known as the Pilgrims. They were among the first people who emigrated to America to seek religious separation from the Church of England. It is a not-for-profit museum supported by Administrations, contributions, grants, and volunteers.
Students also traveled to Mystic Seaport for a customized field trip to learn about Colonial Trades. The day consisted of a tour and included hands-on adventures in blacksmithing, tinsmithing, rope making, and printing. This trip was arranged to help the fifth graders gain hands-on knowledge of the different trade guilds that they portrayed at their Colonial Presentation.

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