Mark Morrison

Grade 4

Albertus Magnus University - B.A., Gateway Community College - A.S.

Mark Morrison, originally from Jamaica, grew up in New Haven, CT. He earned his first degree in accounting and business administration, but soon discovered the value and joy in working with children and earned another degree in psychology with a focus in child development from Albertus Magnus University.

Mark has been in the field of education for over twenty-three years now and still recalls the influence many of his teachers had on his life. He wants to pay it forward in the same way by encouraging his students to believe in themselves and know they can accomplish anything they put their minds and hearts to. Learning is also a lifelong passion of Mark’s, and he views it as a gift to impart that onto his own students. Throughout his career, he has predominantly been engaged with all elementary grade levels but is most experienced and gratified with the developmental stage of grade four students.

When Mark is not working with his students, he likes to listen and dance to Latin music. He enjoys weekly church sermons, hiking and walking in nature, exploring new places, watching baseball and football, and drawing which feeds his creative side.