Cramphin Excellence in Education Award Winner – Robbie Saal

Doug and Jane presented the following letter of recognition to Robbie:

Dear Robbie,

For the past twenty-one years, you have commanded the respect and admiration of colleagues, students, and parents here at Renbrook School. This year was no different. We are delighted to share the perspective of your nominator, “Robbie is a gracious, grateful, selfless educator who possesses a servant’s heart. She will do anything to help others. Even after falling and cradling her broken arm, Robbie continually asked about her kids.” Who does that? Clearly, a servant of others.

Selflessness, collaboration, and dedication to others often go hand in hand and, for you Robbie, this is certainly true. Your interactive skills reflect your unwavering and caring dedication to your students, a dedication that is enveloped in a compelling sense of humility. Colleagues recognize that your approach is routinely filled with an unflashy, under-the-radar, steady strength that parents deeply appreciate and that allows young children to thrive. That sense of steadiness and humility, coupled with your consistently positive outlook, have been tested this pandemic year. It has been a time of unrelenting challenges; however, your attitude remained upbeat and constructive. Said an observer, “When remote learning kicked in, Robbie immediately made adjustments with nary a complaint.” How many of us approach change and vulnerability like that? Not many of us embrace uncertainty and can simultaneously channel a positive mindset that drives further learning, additional growth, and enhances the ability to come back stronger and even more committed. Kudos to you, Robbie!

Many know that the word, kindergarten derives from the German words, children’s garden. Kindergarten evokes the concept of nurturing young children in a way that prepares them for both life and for a lifelong disposition to learn. Robbie, your warm, supportive demeanor, and your nurturing guidance help make learning comfortable for your students, while providing affirmation to their parents. It is well noted that your steady, balanced, even-keeled approach promotes an emotionally safe learning environment; indeed, yours is a kindergarten and a kinder garden for both rigorous educational exploration and children’s social and emotional growth. 

Robbie, it is because of your dedication, positive attitude, and servant’s heart that we proudly award you the 2021 Jane and Doug Cramphin Excellence in Education Award. 

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