Cramphin Excellence in Education Award Winner – Becky Klein

Jane and Doug presented the following letter of recognition to Becky:

Dear Becky,

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

How does a child remain an artist beyond the Renbrook years and throughout life? Simply by being in your class! Becky, your warm and steady presence with young children helps develop genuine, caring relationships. Every successful educator knows that strong emotional relationships between students and teachers create the foundation for all meaningful learning. Under your watchful eyes, children feel safe and inspired to artistically explore. During this pandemic year filled with stressors, isolation, and containment, your teaching catapulted students into other worlds through the visual arts. Your students were routinely given opportunities for relief and release as they experimented with a multitude of media. Lucky children!

One of your collegial fans shares, “Becky displays an extraordinary level of positive attitude in the face of challenging circumstances. Even when dealing with a child experiencing behavioral difficulties, Becky capably manages the child and instills a sense of calm. She is passionate about all forms of art, and she shares her passion with children who happily explore and discover through a variety of materials.” 

Becky, it is well known that you routinely introduce children to artists, both contemporary and classical, as well as artistic styles, methods, and materials. Another colleague states, “Becky is masterful in recognizing every child’s developmental level. She can extend each child’s learning while merging their artistic abilities with the current curricular focus. She consistently inspires children to recognize different perspectives and to replicate artistic styles while always affirming process over product. Her collaborative skills with students, colleagues, and parents are excellent.”

As a guest enters Renbrook School, the displays of students’ artwork regularly make a positive first impression. The care with which the artwork is matted, mounted, and arranged offers a strong statement that those at Renbrook, you, in particular, Becky, take the time to care about details and individual expression. Thank you for sharing your gifts with children and adults alike. We happily join your colleagues in congratulating you for being a 2021 recipient of the Jane and Doug Cramphin Excellence in Education Award. 

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