Building a Ship in a Bottle – Will it Fit in the Bottle?

  1. In the first photo, we see the wooden base for the hull does not sit level inside the bottle. The glass is thicker in the bottom (left) half of the bottle.
  2. There must be shims underneath to level it out. It is FAR better to ascertain this now than when you’re in the midst of gluing things into the bottle! Note shims have been glued underneath the right-hand side of the base, and the lower part of the hull is being placed (not glued!) onto the base.  The home-made “spoon handle on a chopstick” is useful for pushing and pressing things around inside the bottle.
  3. Now let’s check if everything is level. First, insert the upper hull onto the lower hull. Long pronged tweezers are very useful.
  4. Looks good.  Now it’s time to take everything back out of the bottle and start working on superstructure and rigging.
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