Bringing the Supreme Court to Life!

Jackie Nickeo Upper School History Department Head brings the Supreme Court to life in the classroom. The assignment was the culmination of the study of the Constitution and the clarity it provides in respect to laws in our country. The Judicial Branch and the amendments were the final part of the Constitution study. Students were assigned Supreme Court cases to research, summarize and present in 5-7 minutes to a mock Supreme Court. They used the original model of the court which consisted of five justices. Their job was to persuade the Court to support or uphold their client’s rights or if arguing the other side, rule against them. They understand that some amendments are more controversial than others. Students were asked to deliver their argument in a clear, confident and serious manner. 

Mrs. Nickeo says, “I loved doing this with them because it brings everything to life after they visited the Supreme Court in Washington D.C.”

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