Physical Education

The Physical Education and Athletics program offers a variety of activities to meet each student’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. The curriculum focuses on building individual skills, including physical fitness, as well as cooperation and competition through team sports. Physical Education faculty stress safety, support for the emerging athlete, and a balance between competition and good sportsmanship. Two gymnasiums as well as an abundance of athletic fields and outdoor learning spaces are available to all students, and Grade 4 and 5 students participate in a low ropes course.


To help a child...
  • In the development of qualities essential to group living, such as fairness, readiness to obey accepted rules, cooperation, self-control and responsibility for school and personal property.
  • Develop a sense of achievement through his or her effort, perseverance, and with respect to his or her own potential.
  • Develop physical fitness, which leads to optimum health for the growing child.
  • Develop a sense of self-confidence and understanding of leadership qualities.
  • Develop self-motivation toward physical education.
  • Realize the joy and happiness, which can follow from wholesome physical activities.
  • In the acquisition of both general and specific skills and an understanding of a variety of game elements suitable to his/her age.
  • Develop a proper perspective regarding competition with both himself/herself and others. 
  • Understand that our concern as physical educators is with the participation of all.
  • Develop a broader understanding of the skills and concepts related to those activities in which they participate.

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  • Early Learning Physical Education (Preschool & Junior Kindergarten)

    The Early Learning Physical Education program promotes large-muscle development, an
    appreciation of the natural world, and ways to socialize. Children play on a variety of
    playgrounds, in gymnasiums, on child-friendly equipment in classrooms, and in the Music and Movement Studio. The program is carefully tailored for each age level. Working closely with classroom teachers, the P. E. faculty help children acquire the skills of listening, following directions, and cooperating, incorporating class themes when appropriate. Children are encouraged to find success at their own ability levels in a safe, noncompetitive environment. ​The two gymnasiums feature first-class equipment and apparatus, managed by teachers with experience in the education of young children.
  • Upper School Athletics – Everybody Plays – The Best Model for Middle School Sports

    The Upper School athletic program gives students the opportunity to participate on teams, as individuals, and in other group activities. Students choose their sports each season; everyone is given the chance to play.
    Fall sports​ include: cross country, soccer, field hockey, physical fitness, and the Project Adventure ropes course.
    In winter,​ students may choose the ski team, snowboarding, basketball, gymnastics, squash, physical fitness or Project Adventure ropes course.
    Spring sports​ include: softball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, physical fitness, and Project Adventure ropes course.

Growth & Achievement

Alumni often remember ​the lessons learned on the sports fields at Renbrook and under the tutelage of their coaches. Coaches focus on group trust, mutual support, and cooperation as well as skills development. The competitive emphasis varies according to the physical, emotional and social needs of each student.The experience builds a sense of responsibility to oneself and one's team, and team pride. 

The goals are to​ improve students skills, create a healthy attitude toward competition and instill a lifelong love of physical activity.

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