Renbrook: A School Founded by Parents

Renbrook School began with a conversation in the living room of Mr. and Mrs. John Lee of Farmington, Connecticut.
There, the Lees and seven like-minded families decided to establish a progressive, learn-by-doing school on the model established by educator John Dewey.
Founded in 1935, the Tunxis School—named in recognition of the Native American tribe that was local to the Connecticut River Valley—was housed in an aged Victorian home at 2431 Albany Avenue in West Hartford.
With three teachers and 17 students aged three to nine, the school grew under the guidance of Florence Greene, who would serve as the headmistress for 32 years.
Within months, an increase in enrollment forced the small school to change location, moving to a rambling old house at the corner of Farmington and Outlook Avenues. The new institution enrolled 39 students and was renamed Junior School.

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