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What if  your child's school day looked like this? From preschool to grade 8, at Renbrook we educate the “complete” student — your child will grow intellectually, socially, and ethically. This is learning. This is Renbrook. Watch our video and see! 
Renbrook School prepares your Preschool to Grade 8 child for success at secondary school and beyond.
At Renbrook, your child’s education will be characterized by small classes and personal attention from faculty members. With about 200 students in each of our Lower and Upper Schools from over 40 towns and cities including Simsbury, Farmington, Avon and West Hartford, class sizes of 10–15 are typical.
In this smaller, focused learning environment, your child will have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, and to learn—both from dedicated, passionate educators, and from the other students in the class.
We value challenging academic work, but also encourage creativity, versatility, and a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, we support your child’s individual advancement and achievement. 

This is learning. This is Renbrook.

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