Why Parents Love Renbrook

A Love for Learning

"I am convinced that early education is the most important time for kids to decide that they love to learn. When you have attention at an early age in school, learning becomes something joyful rather than something that is monotonous and boring. That's what happens when you have a small class size and you have the kind of experiential learning that takes place at Renbrook."

- West Hartford Mom

Their Future

"There's a foundation here that really builds trust, confidence, strong relationships, and great academics. But it's beyond that at Renbrook. It's the colleges they go to and what their whole future looks like."

- Bloomfield Mom

Quality of Students

"We liked the class sizes at Renbrook, but the quality of the students was a big factor as well. The kids here are unbelievable; they are so well-mannered. We've just been so happy here."

- West Hartford Dad

Educational Journeys

"To convey the difference in what you get from the Renbrook education, the most important things are small class size, attention to the individual student, a sense of commitment to the education of the whole child, and a responsiveness that is sometimes difficult to get in other settings as you navigate their educational journeys."

- West Hartford Mom

Developing Their Potential

"Renbrook teaches life skills that prepare students for the next level. First of all, they learn inclusiveness. We live in a diverse society and the kids learn to deal with others from different backgrounds. They learn to care for each other and work hard. Renbrook teaches students to be resilient by encouraging them to never give up. If a student comes up against a problem or an issue, they are taught how to work through it. I chose Renbrook because I thought that the teachers have the same goals as the parents; they want to develop each child to his/her maximum potential."

- Avon Dad


"My two children are very different from each other, one is very extroverted and confident and the other is shy. I am incredibly happy with how much I've seen both of my boys grow at Renbrook despite their uniqueness. The teachers are invested in the children and have taken time to help our oldest discover things he was never interested in. Our youngest walks confidently into the building, feels a great sense of ownership and enjoys greeting everyone when he gets to school.  I don't think we could be happier with our experience here. What makes Renbrook stand apart is the transparency. The school leaders communicate everything they are doing to make a connection with the family and students. They make sure that we are well-informed about anything and everything that is going on in the school so we, as parents, aren't taken by surprise. It so reassuring."

- Avon Mom

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