Student Life

Beyond the Classroom

Renbrook offers a safe community where students take appropriate risks and identify and cultivate their own strengths during their most formative years of development.
At Renbrook School a robust and challenging program extends well beyond the classroom. We help students understand how to be effective members of a community and in the process they form lifelong relationships with each other and with their teachers.

Students and teachers enjoy and explore their natural surroundings on our 75-acre campus and on trips further afield. Renbrook adults and children are active in the greater Hartford community, whether through community service, by participating in the annual MATHCOUNTS competition, or by participating in service to the local community through the Trustee Scholar Program.

Renbrook is a community where young people may take appropriate risks in a safe setting; where they are known and loved; where seeds are planted and nurtured – seeds that will blossom for many years to come.

Character & Leadership

At Renbrook we inspire responsibility, encourage compassion, and build confidence and leadership in our students during their most formative years of development. Starting in the Beginning School, your child is introduced to three values: caring for self, caring for others, and caring for the environment.

Throughout the year, they are encouraged to put these ideas into practice. Renbrook students learn to care for themselves by working on their self-help skills. To care for others, your child and his or her classmates participate in service learning, by doing things such as making sandwiches and cookies for local charities. To care for the environment, the children help clean up our playgrounds, hiking trails, and playing fields. Through these and other guided experiences, which help to develop character and leadership in our youngest students, your child will also learn about cooperation, responsibility, empathy, honesty, and self-control.

In our Lower School (Grades 1-4), we continue to cultivate the same skills and values in your child. Care for self, care for others, and care for the environment are emphasized, as are honesty, self-control, and responsibility. Friendship, decision-making, and conflict resolution are ongoing topics of discussion, building the character and skills your child will need throughout life.

Lower School students also build and hone their leadership skills through the many guided opportunities we provide for group presentations and performances in the classroom and at assemblies and variety shows, through work with younger children in “buddy classes”, and through the fourth graders’ role as leaders in our Lower School.

In the Upper School (Grades 5-8), your child will learn to think critically, decide independently, and take responsibility for their own success. The eighth-grade theme is Leadership Development, and by eighth grade, individually and collectively, our oldest Renbrook students are leaders on campus in sports, the arts, and independent study service. The opportunity to lead in the middle school years gives students the confidence to step up to lead in secondary school.

Student leadership at Renbrook is never more apparent than in uniquely Renbrook traditions such as the daily Upper School Morning Meeting, run by our oldest students, which kindles community while providing opportunities for individual growth. In these meetings, students come to the lectern to share news about school teams, clubs, and accomplishments. These daily experiences strengthen public speaking skills, peer recognition, and leadership development.

Establishing strong moral character, and developing skills rooted in sensitivity and justice are essential to the Renbrook experience. We value honor and integrity for their central role in building character in our students and are committed to a strong principled foundation where respecting and considering the welfare of others is paramount.

Renbrook School is a co-ed private day school serving students in Preschool - Grade 8 in West Hartford, CT.
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