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  • 8th Graders Took in the Attractions in D.C.

    8th graders took the annual trip to Washington D.C. recently and took in all of the sights and sounds the city has to offer.  They toured the Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, and much more.  The highlight was a Renbrook School wreather being placed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
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  • CT Parrot Club Visits 7th Grade Science

    As part of the seventh grade "Introductory Ornithology" unit in Life Science, Ginny August of The Parrot Club of CT brought along some of her winged friends!
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  • Wesleyan Students Visit Playscape Designers

    Design and Engineering students visited Renbrook to meet with the playscape design representatives from the lower school. The Wesleyan students brought some introductory designs to show the Renbrook team as they progress in the prototype creation of a playscape designed for children of all ages and abilities.
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  • Renbrook Honors Our Veterans

    Renbrook upper school students led a Veteran's Day assembly with an appearance from Abraham Lincoln (aka Mr. Wright). Renbrook alum Tori Hooker '02 visited campus and share about her active duty in the U.S. Navy where she has been a corpsman (combat medic) for over 11 years and have been stationed all over the East coast. She spent three years working in the emergency room at the naval hospital in Virginia and three years on a guided missile destroyer doing anti-piracy operations. She moved back to Connecticut to go to school and see her family and spent four years as a reservist supporting the navy funeral honors program in New England. She was recently called back to active duty to run a medical mobilization department in a reservist support center in Connecticut. Tori says that the best part of what she does is getting to visit over 23 countries and swim in the middle of four different oceans. 
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  • left-Friya Bankwalla '08 - Digital Publicity Assistant at Penguin Young Readers. and  Sophie Cottrell '82 - SVP of Communications at Hatchette Book Group

    Renbrook School Holds Alumni Career Day

    Renbrook School in West Hartford held its 3rd Annual Career Day with Renbrook alums talking about their various career this past Friday, November 2.

    This program is for 7th- and 8th-grade students and is designed to give them an opportunity to learn about some potential careers/career fields from former Renbrook students who now work in those fields, to show them the often curvy road through life to a career/careers, and to instill a sense of being part of a community much bigger than their classmates and teachers. 

      This year four alumni were excited to return to Renbrook and to speak with students about their Renbrook memories, their career paths, and their successes and failures. Alumni guest speakers were Sophie Cottrell '82 - SVP of Communications at Hatchette Book Group,
      Max Sinsteden '02 - Cofounder and Director at Olasky & Sinsteden, Ali Lazowksi '06 - Founder and CEO of Bare Life and recent 40 over 30 award winner, and Friya Bankwalla '08 - Digital Publicity Assistant at Penguin Young Readers.
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    • Renbrook Students Participate in HMF Fit Kids Run

       29 4th and 5th grade students from Renbrook School in West Hartford participated in the FitKids Run sponsored by the Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) at Rentschler Field in East Hartford. HMF FitKids runs offer distances between 50 yards for the smallest children up to 1-mile races for older kids. For over 10 years, Renbrook students have training for runs all over Connecticut with their running club called Road Runners.
      The HMF FitKids In School, operated by the Hartford Marathon Foundation, is designed to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle in middle school students grades 4th thru 8th. Following their final mile, students explore the World of Fitness, a fitness themed expo presented by the YMCA of Greater Hartford.
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    • Senator Chris Murphy Visits Renbrook

      Senator Chris Murphy came to visit our grade 5-8 students to talk about his life in legislative office and to answer a few questions form our eighth grade hosts.  Thank you for visiting Mr. Murphy!
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    • Wesleyan Students to Build Renbrook Student-Designed Playscape

      How might Renbrook students create a playscape that children of all ages and abilities would enjoy? K-5 students at Renbrook School worked on just that and Wesleyan University Design & Engineering students selected a Renbrook prototype to build to scale! 
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    • Third Grade Oregon Trail Hike

      Third grade set out for the "Oregon Trail" through the Renbrook hiking trails! Students worked together to build wagons in teams and traversed rough terrain with their wagons, making important decisions as a group along the way! 
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    • JK visits Bushy Hill Farms

      Apples and cider & donuts...oh my! A good time was had by JKDS at Bushy Hill Orchards in Granby,CT!
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    • Lower School Students Are Dreaming BIG!

      The Cardboard Challenge is in full swing in grades K-5. This year we’re creating cardboard playscapes designed for children of all ages and abilities. Students in grades K-5 traveled to Jonathan’s Dream Playground on the campus of the Mandell Jewish Community Center in West Hartford. They got to experience firsthand a playground that was designed for children of all ages and abilities.
      After returning to campus students Skyped with a playscape designer from CedarWorks, designers of environmentally responsible products in the world for active play, in Rockport, Maine. The designer answered students’ questions and explained the design process from concept to production.
      Next stop; Wesleyan University! A playscape design team from Renbrook will be chosen to bring their cardboard prototype to IDEA170 Introduction to Design and Engineering class at Wesleyan. The team will pitch their playscape idea to members of his class. If they choose this project, the Wesleyan students will then build it to scale.
      Come see the Cardboard Challenge Showcase on Wednesday, October 24 in Stedman Auditorium anytime between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. TThe playscape creations will be on full display as well as artifacts from the Cardboard Challenge journey!

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    • JK Story Explorers Program

      For the JK Story Explorers Program~we will be reading a fun story followed by a hands-on extension activity. Whether our intrepid~explorers find themselves hiking along Renbrook's extensive trail system, collaborating on an abstract painting, or dramatizing their own fairy tale, this program is both enriching and just plain fun! Our hike was our activity following the story "Henry the Explorer". Henry makes and then plants flags along the path he takes on his exploration, in order that he may easily find his way back home afterward. Renbrook's Story Explorers made and planted flags along their path on Renbrook's red trail.
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    • Designs Galore!

      2nd graders have been hard at work designing their bulletin boards! Stop by and check them out in the Nelson Building.
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    • Exhale to the count of five....

      Mrs. Cooper shows our 2nd graders the importance of our breath and how it calms us down and keeps us focused. Did you know that if we were to open your lungs flat it would cover the size of a tennis court? 
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    • How to Fold the Flag

      8th graders got a lesson in flag folding today. Did you know that each of the 13 folds has specific symbolism?
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    • Landforms in STEAM

      Second graders learned about landforms by making their own! Students got to put different materials on their created landforms to see how it flows in Lower School STEAM.
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    • With Liberty and Justice For All

      8th graders got a lesson in flag folding today. Did you know that each of the 13 folds has specific symbolism?
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    • 6th Graders Visit the CT Science Museum and Wadsworth

      6th graders studied physics at the CT Science Center this week including simple machines like pulleys and wheels. The ‘Bionic Me’ expo got the kids on their feet to learn about the power of the human body. “Making Myths” was a second stop on their trip where they viewed the ancient collection at the Wadsworth as a prelude to their study of mythology. They visited galleries with a docent and entered the Education Art Studio to make an amphora design featuring a monster of their own design battling Hercules, inspired by a piece in the museum’s Ancient Greek collection. 
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    • 7th Grade Annual Camp Jewell Voyage

      7th graders learned problem solving, planning, communication and teamwork on their trip to Camp Jewell!
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    • 8th Graders Take a Tour of Hartford

      8th graders had a rare opportunity to visit the State Capitol and Legislative Offices, the Supreme Court and the Connecticut State History Museum. They finished off their visit to Hartford with an interactive tour from Hannibal to Hartford:The History Behind The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at the Mark Twain House.
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    • Actor Malachi Weir '86 Visits Renbrook 8th Graders

      Taking a break from his busy acting schedule, Malachi Weir who graduated from Renbrook in 1986, spent time with our 8th graders discussing their hopes and dreams. Malachi is best known for his work on the show Billions, Wisdom of the Crowd, Chicago PD and The Tick. Current teacher Chris Ladd and retired teacher Jim Ladd beamed with pride while watching Malachi speak with our current Renbrook leaders in the 8th grade.
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    • 6th Graders Visit Wadsworth Museum

      “Making Myths” 6th graders are bringing learning to life by visiting the ancient collection at the Wadsworth as a prelude to their study of mythology. They visited galleries with a docent and entered the Education Art Studio to make an amphora design featuring a monster of their own design battling Hercules, inspired by a piece in the museum’s Ancient Greek collection.
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    • The 2018-19 School Year is Now Official

      Lots of smiling faces showed up on campus today for New Student Orientation. The littlest students got to spend time with their parents getting to know their teachers, while our older students got a personalized tour from our Renbrook Student Ambassadors!
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    • Second Graders Present "Renbrookville"

      Second graders studied how businesses use needs and wants to provide a good or a service to make a profit. Each student created a business and handmade all their goods and services. Then, we participated in a day of trading, also known as “Renbrookville,” to understand simple economics through a direct experience in a mini-market.
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    • Grade 2 Visits the Gifts of Love Farm

      Second grade visited The Gifts of Love Farm. The students had the opportunity to learn about how the farmers there grow a variety of foods to donate to people in need. We had a chance to explore the farm, see the different crops, and of course, interact with the farm animals!
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    • Annual K-5 "Race to a Good Deed"

      Over 100 kindergarten through grade 5 students ran 1.5 miles around campus for the annual Race to a Good Deed. After the race, students organized backpacks that were filled with new school supplies and donated to kids in need. Students chose this program because it serves over 500 local school students and helps them start next school year off right. Great job to all! See more pics at:
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    • Science is Cool at Renbrook School!

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    • Woodworking Bring Out Creativity

      Jack shows off his adirondack chair that he made in his woodworking class this year. All students got to pick an item to design and create in woodworking. Nice work Jack!
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    • Shoe Design Showcase

      We celebrated the culmination of the shoe design project with Renbrook School’s Tinkering Academy. Betsy Flynn, Lower School Learning Specialist, has been working with students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 along with the classroom teachers designing shoes for their buddies. Using a design thinking model, with a focus on empathy, the students interviewed their buddies to learn about their shoe preferences for style, color, and function. Their designs were on full display with a runway show, lights and music! 
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    • K-Max Came in for a Landing!

      Neal Keating, former Renbrook parent and trustee, and Chairman, President, and CEO of Kaman Corporation, arranged for their helicopter, called the K-Max, to come to the campus of Renbrook School in West Hartford for Flight Day!

      The event, which began in 2010, includes aviation workshops and flight-centered experiential learning activities. Throughout the day, students enjoyed the up-close experience of exploring the cockpit and structure of the K-Max

      Workshops included presentations by Pratt & Whitney’s Ken Benson, Retired Flight Test Manager, Melissa Sirois, Senior Associate, Program Support, Military Engines and Jack Swift, Deputy Director Domestic Business Development, Military Engines will speak to students about piloting and the structural engineering behind various aircraft.

      With help from members of the Simsbury Radio Control Club, students will explore lift, thrust, weight, and drag while working with remote-controlled planes and flight simulators in another workshop.

      Renbrook’s long association with aviation dates back to 1957, when the estate of Faye B. Rentschler and Frederick B. Rentschler, co-founder of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, became the campus of Renbrook School. The school’s Globe Foyer is an exhibition that features the connection between Rentschler, Pratt & Whitney, flight, and Renbrook School. A Pratt & Whitney WASP engine, donated to the school by George David, former chairman and CEO of United Technologies, is the central focus of the exhibit.
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    • C. Alexander London Visits Renbrook

      C. Alexander London (Alex) has written books for children, teens, even a few grown ups. He’s the author of The Wild Ones series, Dog Tags and Tides of War series, as well as the Accidental Adventures and two titles in The 39 Clues series for young readers.
      His young adult debut, Proxy, was an American Library Association Top Ten Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Readers and included on their 2014 Best Fiction For Young Adults list. Proxy is a 2015 Texas Lone Star Reading List and TAYSHAS Reading List selection, a 2016 Intermediate Sequoyah Masterlist selection in Oklahoma, and has been on many state reading lists including Colorado, Arkansas, Missouri. The sequel, Guardian, is available now.

      His books for adults include One Day The Soldiers Came: Voices of Children in War and National Jewish Book Award finalist Far From Zion.

      Alex was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to New York to attend Columbia University. He graduated with a degree in philosophy and earned his Masters Degree in Library Science from Pratt Institute.
      At one time a journalist reporting from conflict zones and refugee camps, he has recently moved from Brooklyn, NY, to Philadelphia, PA where he can be found wandering the streets talking to his dog, who is the real brains of the operation.

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    • Renbrook School Continues Tradition for Sixth Graders

      Renbrook School sixth graders presented their Greek Plays for a large audience on campus included costumes and props as part of their sixth grade curriculum.

      "The Greek Play allows every single student to contribute, interact with people they might not otherwise get to know, and shine on the stage," says Amy Ma, an English teacher in the Upper School. "By performing the myths, the students demonstrate that they know the stories and the characters thoroughly. Through their performances, the students show that they understand themes, plot, character, conflict, and a myriad of other elements of literature," says Ma.
      Several stories were interpreted on stage from Athena's life including the Trojan War, and the stories of Artemis, Hades, Persephone, and Demeter.

      The students wrote the play over the course of two months and rehearsed for two weeks. The students will never forget the power of this event, in which they come together to continue the wondrous tradition of story-telling.
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    • Senior Night Projects

      On Thursday, April 19, Renbrook ninth graders showed off their Senior Projects.  The subjects varied from the role of advertsing in todays world, to the evolution of hip-hop. Students also displayed their favorite artwork for their family and friends to admire.
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    • Week of the Young Child 2018

      Renbrook School proudly celebrated "The Week of the Young Child"; a celebration sponsored by the NAEYC (National Association for the education of young children). This event is primarily celebrated by Preschool through Kindergarten; however, this year the rest of the lower school grades one through five joined in for some of the celebrations. Each day had a special theme and had planned activities to celebrate the themes such as Musical Monday, Healthy Habits Tuesday and Work Together Wednesday.
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    • Give Back Day 2018 was a huge success!!

      Give Back Day 2018 was a huge success!! We ended up with a beautiful day and got a whole lot done! From cleaning classroom furniture, writing thank you notes, classroom organization, bulletin board design, raking, clearing the pond, picking up branches, greenhouse-making, tree-planting and more...Renbrook loves to give back!!! See more pics at:
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    • Cooking Club Serves Up Gourmet

      The Renbrook Cooking Club served up a three-course lunch to special guests yesterday. Dishes included fried zucchini and pomegranate quinoa, pesto and alfredo pastas and fried ice cream. Delicious!
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    • Music & Dance Troop "Mikata" Visits Lower School

      Music and dance troop, Mikata, wowed Renbrook students with their powerful rhythmic music and dance from islands such as Nigeria, Ghana and Puerto Rico. The troop helps students explore these West African, Caribbean, and Brazilian cultures through music and dance while learning about an array of percussion instruments.
      Mikata has been delighting and educating audiences around the U.S, Canada, and abroad for over twenty years. They have
      been awarded the “Outstanding Contribution to the Cultural Life of the Community” award from the New Haven Arts Council. They have performed at over 500 public schools,
      festivals, and universities around the globe.
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    • Students Win Latin Diploma

      The National Latin Exam is an annual exam to test students' proficiency in the Latin language and knowledge of ancient Roman history and culture. The test consists of 40 multiple choice questions and is taken by students across the United States in an multiple other countries. All eighth grade Latin students at Renbrook took the exam this year, and two of them obtained an impressive score and received a diploma from the National Latin Exam committee: John R. (with 26 out of 40 questions correct) received a Cum Laude Diploma, and Sophie G. (with 36 out of 40 questions correct) received the exceptionally rare distinction of Gold Medal Summa Cum Laude. 
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    • Adam Ezra, World-Class Professional Musician

      Adam Ezra, a world-class professional musician, visited grades 7-9 today to discuss what it's like to write and perform music. Thanks for visiting Adam!
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    • Kindergarten Programs Robots

      Some kindergarten students explored how to program some robots and did an awesome job getting them to start to move!
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    • 2018 Northern Region Middle School Musical Festival

      Six Renbrook musicians participated in the 2018 Northern Region Middle School Musical Festival on March 23rd and 24th at Wethersfield High School. These students were selected to participate out of hundreds of students across northern Connecticut based on their successful auditions in January. (L-R) Sahil A. (voice), Nathan C. (trumpet), Mariapaula G. (voice), Benjamin R. (voice), Alice M. (voice), and Olivia D. (french horn) all performed. Congratulations!
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    • Fourth Graders Present Invention Convention 2018

      Leading up to the Invention Convention, fourth graders learn about the world through the lens of one particular country. They research what makes their countries special and they champion these countries as members of a model U.N. Students also study simple machines and the history of inventors and inventions. They then combine what they have learned in these fields of study in order to solve a real world problem people in their regions face today.
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    • "Aladdin Jr." a Success for Renbrook Thespians

      The musical “Aladdin Jr.” hit the stage of Stedman Auditorium at Renbrook School on March 2, 3 and 4, 2018. Based on the Academy-Award®-winning film in 1992 and the 2014 hit Broadway show, “Aladdin Jr.” was a success for the Renbrook School thespians.

      Director Joe DeSisto, a faculty member at Renbrook School, worked with 50-plus students both on stage, and behind the scenes. As with previous Renbrook School theatrical productions, it has a stellar crew of veteran faculty volunteers serving as designers, costumers.
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    • Seventh Grade "Dog Unit" Raises over $2500 for the Fidelco Foundation

      During the 7th grade Life Science course, a unit of study focuses on people's capacity to form emotional attachment to a variety of living things, and dogs are the best example. During the celebrated "Dog Unit," students deepen their understanding of the emotional attachment that exists between humans and dogs in a number of ways. In addition to inviting well-behaved family dogs to visit their class, the students welcome representatives and their dogs from the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation and Oak Hill, an organization that helps people with disabilities. In addition, Ben Garson from Dogology explained how a master dog trainer trains a dog, and two owners of therapy dogs explained the therapeutic effect of dogs in settings such as schools, hospitals, airports, libraries, and prisons. The students enjoyed being with two pugs, Oscar and Murray and Beau a Labrador/basset hound mix. The unit culminated with a bake sale and a fundraiser event to benefit Fidelco. The entire school was invited to attend the big event where seventh graders organized a number of experiences and activities, including a "blind obstacle course," a dog trivia game, and an auditory challenge: "Do you speak dog?" Local pet supply stores also donated items for a blind auction. The centerpiece of the event were three Fidelco puppies-in-training - Piper, Valor, and Wookie - and everyone present them and many had their picture taken with a Fidelco puppy in the puppy photo booth. It was a great group effort and the bake sale and Friday event raised over $2500.00.
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    • Lower School Head for the Day

      On Wednesday, February 21, 2018, Miss Mackenzie T., 4th grade student, assumed the role of Head of Lower School for the Day. As you can see from the photos, Miss Mackenzie was extremely focused and busy throughout the entire day. Her schedule included a Learning Walk through all Lower School classes with Mrs. Oaks. Miss Mackenzie greeted students, teachers, and administrators with poise and confidence fitting for her new position. Miss Mackenzie met several times with Mr. Hutchinson to report her findings. The students enjoyed the fun of a Wacky Wednesday Dress Down Day and eating tacos with yellow cake for lunch. All of these decisions were controlled by Miss Mackenzie!
      Miss Mackenzie’s parents were the successful bidders on the item of “Head of Lower School for the Day” at the 2017 Celebrate Renbrook auction. 

      If you would like to encourage a future administrator, then please place your bid at this year’s Celebrate Renbrook Auction.
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    • Bringing Learning to Life in the 7th Grade

      7th graders got a visit from Ben Garson, master trainer from Dogology and his dog Judah, a 100-pound German Shepard to discuss training techniques. This expands on the lesson about alpha dog vs. submissive dog and how to teach manners to dogs as part of their 7th grade dog unit in science. It's always a fun and heart-warming way to bring learning to life at Renbrook!
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    • Peaceful Change-Makers - Grade 2

      Second graders kicked off their Peaceful Change-Makers unit by thinking and writing about peace:  what peace means for themselves; what peace means for their friends and families; what it means for their communities; and what it means for the world. This helped them think about peaceful changes and how ordinary people can do extraordinary things to help the world move towards peace.
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    • 4th Grade Class Gets Visit from Para-Athlete

      President of Achillies International, Erin Spaulding, came to visit with some students in the fourth grade at Renbrook School in West Hartford. Her visit gave an inside look into the world of determined para-athletes. Students also got a chance to visit an adaptive gym, Chapter 126. They experienced wheelchair basketball, blind soccer and adaptive PE exercises to better understand the lives of their adopted parathletes.
      The mission of Achilles International and Chapter126 is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running, paralympic and Special Olympic events in order to promote personal achievement.
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    • Beau, Murray and Oscar Therapy Dog Visit to 7th Grade 2/14/18

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    • Renbrook School takes Valentine's Day to Bring Out Compassion and Kindness

      Inspired by Hannah Brencher's "Love Letters to Strangers", Renbrook School students in the Upper School (grades 6-8) composed notes of love and encouragement that will be tucked around campus for lucky recipients to find. Students were give a simple directive: write something you wish somebody would tell you when you're feeling down. From that starting place, ideas, compassion, and kindness flowed. Click to view the letters.
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    • From left to right: Allison B. grade 7, Dora L. grade 7, and Giovanni C. grade 8

      Renbrook Student Wins Best Art Piece at AOF "Spaces and Places" Exhibit

      Three Renbrook students art was showcased at the Ordway Gallery in the Beatson Performing Arts Center on the Avon Old Farms campus. 13 surrounding schools including Kingswood Oxford, Bristow Middle School and Renbrook School submitted art work to the exhibit which focused on the theme of “Spaces and Places.” The exhibit is designed to provide a space for all to celebrate art.
      Our own Giovanni C. '18 won the Middle School Award for "Best Art Piece" in the art show and received a $100 gift certificate to Jerry's Artarama and a nice certificate. The show was judged by an architect who graduated from Avon Old Farms, and had taught there in the past. CONGRATS Giovanni!!!!
      The show will remain open to the public from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on February 24 and 25. For more info visit
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    • Nicole R. '18 of West Simsbury

      "Poetry Out Loud" at Renbrook

      On February 5, Renbrook School ninth graders participated in "Poetry Out Loud", a nationwide poetry recitation contest for high school students. The students chose their poems before winter vacation from the Poetry Out Loud Website, memorized them, analyzed them, and recited them at Renbrook School before a panel of judges. Students are judged on accuracy, physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding, and overall performance. This year our school winner, Nicole R. '18 of West Simsbury will move on to the next round of competition. Runner up: Aubrey B. '18 of Burlington
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    • Kindergarten STEAM Fun!

      Kindergarten students had a blast in STEAM! They are using conductive paint to build simple circuits! 
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    • Students Compete in MATHCOUNTS at UHART

      On Saturday, February 3rd, 14 Renbrook students competed in the Hartford Chapter MATHCOUNTS Competition at the University of Hartford. There were 28 schools, both public and private, represented either by having students compete as Alternates and Individuals. Each school designates four of their "Individuals" who then compete in a "Team" round. Their score in this round along with the average of the scores of these four students make up the Team score. This year there were 25 "Teams", 205 "Individuals", and 25 "Alternates" competing. This competition is getting stiffer and stiffer every year as students try to qualify for a spot in the State round and rankings very often differ by a quarter of a point in many cases. Only the five top scoring Teams move on as well as the top 40 Individuals. This year Renbrook had a very respectable showing, ranking 9th out of 25, and we had one student, Sophie G. who ranked 31st /205. She will compete in the State Competition in March.

      Congratulations to Sophie and to all our Mathletes and thank you for spending, what turned out to be a very long Saturday, at the competition.

      Certificate of Participation Recipients are: Alternates: Sahil A., Andrew K. Will N., and Jayden Y.

      Individuals: Manu N., Jake O., Shauna S., Ethan S., Brendan S., and Zoe W.
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    • Alumna Shares Video Creation of the Cardboard Challenge

      Renbrook alumna Emma Kate Johansen '16 of Avon has a love for cinema and jumped at the chance to gain production experience documenting the annual Cardboard Challenge that is now part of Renbrook's lower school curriculum......
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    • Students demonstrated their craft at the annual

      Fifth Graders Experience Colonial Times

      As part of the history program, fifth grade students created a colonial village, interpreting the life and times of 1700s America. Students learn colonial skills, trades, professions, music, and dance, portraying characters from colonial times. They started the unit by welcoming Plimoth Plantation into their fifth grade classrooms as part of their history program. Colonial Museum teachers taught students about clothing, family roles, home life, school, games, food, and farming. During this annual visit, the visiting guests came to the class dressed in traditional clothing to discuss the Mayflower Compact.

      Plimoth Plantation (, founded in 1947, is a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, that attempts to replicate the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century by English colonists who later became known as the Pilgrims. They were among the first people who emigrated to America to seek religious separation from the Church of England. It is a not-for-profit museum supported by Administrations, contributions, grants, and volunteers.

      Students also traveled to Mystic Seaport for a customized field trip to learn about Colonial Trades. The day consisted of a tour and included hands-on adventures in blacksmithing, tinsmithing, rope making, and printing. This trip was arranged to help the fifth graders gain hands-on knowledge of the different trade guilds that they portrayed at their Colonial Presentation.

      View more photos at
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    • Elka loves Renbrook students!

      7th Grade Gets a Visit from Fidelco Guide Dogs for their Fundraiser Kick-Off!

      Meet 5-month-old german shepherd Valor and 2-year-old Elka. They are both Fidelco Guide Dogs who came to visit with 7th graders as a kick-off to their annual Fidelco fundraiser at Renbrook! Thanks for visiting Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation!!

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    • Fidelco Pup Makes a Visit to Renbrook

      Aubrey B. '18 is officially a Fidelco Puppy Raiser! Renbrook participates in a Fidelco fundraiser each year and some students study canine behavior in class. Volunteers like Aubry take pups at about eight weeks old, love and care for them, participate in weekly activities at the Fidelco training center and when the pups are approximately 14 months old, return them to Fidelco for formal guide dog training. Way to go Aubrey!
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    • Alumna Angelica Calabrese '07 Visits with Students

      Renbrook alumna Angelica Calabrese '07 spoke to ninth-graders in Mrs. Nickeo's class this morning about her experiences with Where There Be Dragons, an organization doing international experiential educational programming in over 30 countries. Angelica talked to students about the value of intercultural communication and relationship-building and said her sense of risk-taking, her willingness to make mistakes in search of personal growth, and her foundation in foreign language were fostered here at Renbrook School. 
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    • Fifth Graders Travel to Mystic Seaport

      Renbrook School's fifth grade students traveled to the Mystic Seaport for a customized field trip to learn about Colonial Trades. The day consisted of a tour around the seaport and included hands-on adventures in blacksmithing, tinsmithing, rope making, and printing. This trip was arranged to help the fifth graders gain hands-on knowledge of the different trade guilds that they will be portraying at their Colonial Presentation on January 31.
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    • World Language Intern Visits Lower School

      During the month of January, students in grades 1, 3, and 4 have welcomed a new intern into their World Language classes! His name is Gabriel, and he is a 6th grader from Lima, Peru. As a native speaker of Spanish, Gabriel has been helping students with their pronunciation and listening skills through games, activities, and stories. Students have been bursting with questions about what life is like for Gabriel back home in Peru!
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    • Renbrook plays Ukulele

      Ms. Burger shows some students how to play the Ukulele. What instrument did you learn to play in school when you were growing up? 
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    • Cameron R. '21 gets suited up!

      Fifth Graders Welcomed Plimoth Plantation Living History Museum to the Classroom

      Fifth graders welcomed Plimoth Plantation into their classrooms as part of their history program. Colonial Museum teachers taught students about clothing, family roles, home life, school, games, food, and farming. During this annual visit, the visiting guests came to the class dressed in traditional clothing to discuss the Mayflower Compact.

      Plimoth Plantation (, founded in 1947, is a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, that attempts to replicate the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century by English colonists who later became known as the Pilgrims. They were among the first people who emigrated to America to seek religious separation from the Church of England. It is a not-for-profit museum supported by Administrations, contributions, grants, and volunteers.

      As part of the history program, fifth grade students will be creating a colonial village, interpreting the life and times of 1700s America. Students learn colonial skills, trades, professions, music, and dance, portraying characters from colonial times.
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    • David A. '24 shows off his breakdancing moves!

      Poetry in Motion Relives the Culture of Hip-Hop at Renbrook School

      Renbrook School in West Hartford presented Hip-Hop Dimensions to educate students on basic Hip-Hop freestyle, break dancing, waving, robotics, and more. Audiences learned the vocabulary, skills, and history of Hip-Hop. Their electrifying performances amaze audiences, not only with dancing but with knowledge. Their objective is to create a deeper understanding of Hip-Hop culture and break associated stereotypes by demonstrating its culture and history. The group, Poetry in Motion, promote the positive benefits of dance such as teamwork and artistic expression and to show dance as an outlet for energy and exercise.

      Students got to show off their dance skills at the end to some of the popular Hip-Hop songs over the last few years.
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    • Renbrook third graders drag wagons into the woods on the 75-acre campus at Renbrook School to simulate life on the Oregon Trail.

      Students Learn About The Westward Movement Through Experiential Learning

      Third graders at Renbrook School as part of their Westward Movement Unit took on the life of a pioneer. Part of their unit included traveling west on the Oregon Trail followed by Prairie Day, where students show off their scrapbooks to their parents and participate in a hoedown with dances they learn in P.E.
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    • Bringing the Supreme Court to Life!

      Jackie Nickeo Upper School History Department Head brings the Supreme Court to life in the classroom. The assignment was the culmination of the study of the Constitution and the clarity it provides in respect to laws in our country. The Judicial Branch and the amendments were the final part of the Constitution study. Students were assigned Supreme Court cases to research, summarize and present in 5-7 minutes to a mock Supreme Court. They used the original model of the court which consisted of five justices. Their job was to persuade the Court to support or uphold their client's rights or if arguing the other side, rule against them. They understand that some amendments are more controversial than others. Students were asked to deliver their argument in a clear, confident and serious manner. 

      Mrs. Nickeo says, "I loved doing this with them because it brings everything to life after they visited the Supreme Court in Washington D.C."
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    • 5th grade teacher Jane Johansen helped the students organize the Gifts of Love Holiday Collection and students presented the collection totals at the Lower School Assembly.

      Lower School Collects Gifts for Families

      The Renbrook Lower School (Preschool-Grade 5) Service Learning Committee formed a partnership with Gifts of Love in Avon and recently participated in their Holiday Program. Each grade level was given a family to spread joy to during the upcoming holiday season. They sponsored a total of eight families and through the generosity of the Renbrook Community was able to get everything on their list and then some!
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    • Grade 4 Visits the Eli Whitney Museum

      Fourth graders had a great time visiting the Eli Whitney Museum, where they learned about houses all around the world. This year students built reproductions of South African ndebele homes, Irish sod houses, and Chinese entry gates. Samples of their work will be on display in the library.
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    • 17th Annual Heifer Marketplace Comes to Campus

      Renbrook sixth graders showed their support for Heifer International with their 17th annual International Marketplace on campus. Heifer’s mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. Renbrook is the only school in Connecticut that offers an entire curriculum around Heifer International. Students learn to write letters asking for donations and practice public speaking for the marketplace where students persuade visitors to donate. Since 1944, Heifer International has provided livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training to improve the lives of those who struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income. Heifer is currently working in 30 countries, including the United States, to help families and communities become more self-reliant.The students raised Sixth graders showed their support for Heifer International by learning to write letters, ask for donations and practice public speaking for the marketplace. So far the students raised $9334.50! For more information, visit
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    • Third Grade Westward Movement

      In the third grade Westward Movement Unit experiential learning is what allows students to take on the life of a pioneer and travel west on the Oregon Trail. The culminating event is Prairie Day, where students show off their scrapbooks and participate in a hoedown with dances they learn in P.E.
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    • Life Online: A Conversation with Students and Families

      8th and 9th Grade students led a discussion and education from experts in the technology, mental health, education, and legal fields at this community conversation and education event.

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    • Ninth grade Spanish students shared their projects with first graders

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    • Veteran's Day Reflections

      Staff Sergeant Warren Toland was on campus addressing the students about what it means to serve one's country. He is a veteran that has served in Afghanistan, and he is on active duty in the Army National Guard. Immediately following the assembly he worked with the 8th grade to show them how to raise and lower the flag.
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    • Creativity at its best for the Cardboard Challenge

      Renbrook Shined with Creativity with the National Cardboard Challenge

      Award-winning filmmaker Nirvan Mullick speaks around the world about the critical need to foster creativity, the power of storytelling, and the potential of every moment to have an impact. He spent the day at Renbrook School on Thursday, October 26 cheering kids on from Renbrook and partnering school, Jumoke Academy as they built arcade games out of cardboard for the National Cardboard Challenge.
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    • The Hon. Eunice Groark ’50 reminisces about her time as CT's first female Lieutenant Governor

      Renbrook Hosts Career Day with CT's First Female Lieutenant Governor

      On October 27, 2017, Renbrook held its 2nd annual Alumni Career Day for 8th and 9th graders. Four alumni returned to Renbrook to talk with students and answer their career- and school-related questions. The goals of the program were to give students a look at some careers and career paths, to show them the (sometimes curvy) road to a career, and to instill a sense of being a part of a community bigger than the students and faculty they see at school every day. View pictures at:
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    • Ice Cream for All!

      To celebrate the success of a great start to the school year, the Parent Association scooped ice cream for the entire school on Friday! What a treat! You can view more pics on the Renbrook Flickr page:
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    • Kindergarten Explores the Renbrook Campus

      The Kindergarten students explored the Renbrook campus on Friday and enjoyed a bit of sunshine. See more pics at:
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    • Orientation Day

      Orientation ended up being a beautiful day with lots of smiling faces! Welcome back everyone! Especially our new families.
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    • Annual Renbrook Kids 2K Race!

      Over 100 students at Renbrook School in West Hartford ran 1.5 miles (2 kilometer) around campus on May 30 for the 8th annual Renbrook Kids 2K. After the race, students organized backpacks that were donated filled with new school supplies to benefit Gifts of Love and the Community Farm of Simsbury. See the pics on our Flickr page!
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    • Celebrate Renbrook 2017 was a Huge Success!

      A beautiful evening with friends, delicious food, great music and a very generous community, we could not have asked for more. On behalf of all at Renbrook School, thank you for celebrating with us.
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    • Kindergarten Culmination Celebration

      A perfect way to end the school year with a Kindergarten Culmination Celebration. Check out the slideshow!
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    • National Parks Day Projects

      Grade 3 students showcased their projects for National Parks Day. Creativity was in full effect!
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    • Author Visit: "A Thirst for Home"

      Author Christine Ieronimo visited Grade 4 today. She spoke about her book "A Thirst for Home" to raise awareness for the need to access clean water after a trip to Ethiopia to get her adopted daughter. She hopes to inspire others to learn more about this global problem.
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