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"We can't say enough about what a wonderful experience our daughter has had at Renbrook. Our daughter has had a fantastic experience in the classroom, on the playing fields and making friends. As parents, we found it easy to get involved and meet people as well."

-Past Parent

Renbrook Community Blog

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  • The Renbrook Family - We All Have a Part to Play

    Matt Sigrist, Head of School
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  • Insights from our Use of Time Survey

    Insights from our Use of Time Survey
    by Kara Ashley
    Upper School Head
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  • Changing Lenses

    Julie Schlossinger
    Changing Lenses
    by Julie Schlossinger
    Lower School Head
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  • The Worry Cycle

    Kara Ashley
    The Worry Cycle
    by Kara Ashley
    Upper School Head
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  • Can this be home?

    Andy Baker
    Can this be home?
    by Andy Baker

    Upper School English
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  • Today’s School Library; from rows of books to a multi-faceted space.

    Kathryn Justus
    Today’s School Library; from rows of books to a multi-faceted space.
    by Kathryn Justus
    Director of Library Services

    In today’s rapidly changing world, technology has changed the way we consume information. While the fundamental mission of school libraries, to empower students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners and readers, remains largely the same, school libraries are quickly evolving to adapt to these changes. As connected learning hubs, where collaboration and hands-on learning are encouraged, students learn to access, evaluate, utilize, and ultimately become creators of information.
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  • On the Ground

    By Julie Schlossinger Lower School Head at Renbrook School
    As a school administrator at a place such as Renbrook School, it’s easy to spend entire school days sequestered in front of a computer or in meetings. However, best practice dictates that I should get out of the office each and every day for “walkthroughs,” and this is a practice that I very much enjoy.
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  • Thinking Outside the Box

    By Betsy Flynn Learning Support, Diversity Coordinator and Special Projects Coordinator
    For the past five years, students in Kindergarten through grade five here at Renbrook School have participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge inspired by Nirvan Mullick’s film, Caine’s Arcade. Each year, the children, divide into teams and are given the task of designing and building something mostly out of cardboard. They’ve created arcade games, a metropolis, and playgrounds for a guinea pig.
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  • Why Project Based Learning?

    by Julie Schlossinger, Lower School Head
    Can you recall the projects you completed as a child in your school? Perhaps you made an instrument for music class, or a diorama for English class, or composed an oral presentation about a U.S. President. While assignments like these can be engaging, you probably don't remember the specifics of what you learned, and there’s a good reason why. These types of projects only touched the surface of learning because they were not presented as a means to solving an authentic problem, which we now know is one of the keys to making learning memorable and relevant.
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  • Our Brains at Positive

    by Julie Schlossinger, Lower School Head
    During this year’s faculty in-service days at Renbrook, I presented the lower school teachers with a TED Talk titled, “The Happy Secret to Better Work” by psychologist, Shawn Achor.  Shawn is a quick-witted, passionate storyteller with an overall helpful message to anyone who is looking to become more productive in their work.  
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