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Overview of the Junior Kindergarten Program

In a setting responsive to the abilities and skills of each child, the Junior Kindergarten program stimulates positive interaction with peers and adults, and encourages an active exploration of the environment. Students learn through guided play and discovery. Following themes such as animal life, seasons, or a favorite author, students and teachers create projects and activities that incorporate the disciplines of art, music, language and literacy, math, science, and social studies.
In class, they continue learning what it means to be an individual, as well as a member of the class. Throughout daily interactions with teachers and peers, children experience social situations that require problem-solving, negotiation, and compromise, skills necessary for living happily with others.


The following curriculum expectations are the year-end goals for our Junior Kindergarten program. They include our expectations in the areas of:

  • Social development
  • Classroom behavior
  • Physical development
  • Language and literacy
  • Mathematics
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)
  • Social studies
In addition, curriculum expectations are listed for the classes taught by our specialists: Art, Library, Music and Movement, Physical Education, and World Language.

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