Making Learning Visible at Renbrook Podcasts

Making Learning Visible at Renbrook Podcasts

The Making Learning Visible Podcast 
The Making Learning Visible Podcast provides a window into the world of teaching and learning at Renbrook School. For a visual representation of podcast topics, please visit The Making Learning Visible Showcase directly across from Stedman Auditorium.

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    • Making a Musician Podcast

      Our season two premier episode focuses on music education. How do our music teachers guide students to become “tuneful, beatful, and artful” over their years at Renbrook? Katie Dawson and Emma Burger explain the process of making a Renbrook musician by describing their spiraling curriculum, playing us performance samples, and answering questions about what parents can do to develop musical literacy and interest. Don’t forget to visit the Making Learning Visible Showcase across from Stedman Auditorium for a visual perspective.

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