The Annual Fund provides resources so that faculty and staff at Renbrook can teach subject matter and character traits that are never outgrown or outdated.  With these tools, supported by annual gifts, every student grows more competent and confident.  

Why give to Renbrook? Find out what a Renbrook education did for these alums:


Kevin Datoo '90

Now the COO of the recently acquired start-up, the Dollar Shave Club, Kevin is using technology and innovation to fuel remarkable company growth. Kevin credits his ability to take on the unknown by taking thoughtful risks to his Renbrook French class, where he was immersed into a classroom spoken entirely in French.

Gretchen Unfried-English '94

Gretchen's Renbrook education taught her the importance of a classroom where teachers challenge, encourage and bring out the best in their students.   Now, her life's works is devoted to teaching students in elementary grade levels at a local magnet school in the Hartford area.
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Renbrook at a Glance 

At Renbrook, we educate the “complete” student—your child will grow intellectually, socially, and ethically.



Our graduates enter secondary school knowing how to think critically, to speak and write clearly, and how to conduct themselves with poise and confidence in leadership roles.


Bringing Learning to Life

At Renbrook, the campus and its innovative facilities provide the perfect setting for active learning. We are committed to educating the whole student – intellectually, socially, and ethically. With the guidance of dedicated teachers, Renbrook students become drivers of their own learning and empowered seekers of knowledge.

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Your Child is Known

Renbrook is a nurturing community that is rich in its diversity. Families of different backgrounds, races, religions, and nationalities all come together at Renbrook, sharing the common values of respect and inclusivity. We value strong relationships between the school and its families, a sense of community within the school, and a tradition of service to others.


News & Calendar

Stay up-to-date on the latest campus news and upcoming events.


Growth and Achievement

Alumni often remember the lessons learned on the sports fields at Renbrook and under the tutelage of their teacher coaches. The competitive emphasis varies according to the physical, emotional, and social needs of each student.The experience builds a sense of responsibility to oneself and one's team, and team pride.


Your Gifts Make a Difference

Your Annual Fund dollars help support our excellent faculty and so much more: our outstanding academic programs, technology, athletics, the arts, and campus maintenance, safety and security.
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