Our Jazz Band and Renaissance students had a blast this weekend in NYC! Fun sights, great entertainment, and oh yeah..both groups took home the GOLD this year in the WorldStrides Heritage Music Festival!
The sixth graders are finishing the construction of their scale models of houses! The students take architectural blueprints, convert them to scale using proportions, and create the houses out of oaktag. The sixth graders not only need to solve proportions but they also need to measure accurately, and perform calculations with fractions. Using the blueprints they learn to create a three- dimensional model from a two -dimensional diagram. The completed town will be on display in the Math Center beginning May 10th.
Renbrook's Annual GiveBack Day is when Faculty, Staff, and Students come together for various projects around campus. Today we planted trees, weeded our school garden, skimmed the pond for yucky slime, organized our library, cleaned out the gym equipment, fixed railings and more! A great job done by all and with great teamwork!
Though anxiety is no one's best friend, neither should it be our enemy. In essence, it is a protective human emotion, an inner alarm system that can help us survive and thrive....READ MORE
A well deserved virtual round of applause for the cast, crew, alums, and volunteers for the awesome production of "School of Rock" this past weekend! ......
Author Josh Funk read from his book, Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast today at the Renbrook School book fair. Josh is also the author of: The Case of Stinky Stench (Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast #2) Dear Dragon Pirasaurs! It's Not Jack and the Beanstalk
Congratulations to our fabulous fourth and fifth grade runners who completed the Hartford Marathon Foundation's Fit Kid run at Rentschler Field in the brisk and blustery weather! We had 37 runners, four parent volunteers and many behind the scenes supporters! The kids did a spectacular job representing Renbrook!!
On Monday, October 17 Renbrook School welcomed internationally-renowned educator, best-selling author, parenting, child development and bullying expert Dr. Michele Borba. She discussed her latest book, Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About Me World. She also spent the day at Renbrook speaking to students in grades four through nine, Lower and Upper School faculty, and in the evening, to parents and public and private school educators from nineteen schools. Her message was full of practical suggestions based on years of research and experience working with students and parents all over the world.
The Renbrook School David Lentini Speaker Series Presents Dr. Michele Borba Internationally renowned educator and author and expert on parenting, child development and bullying, Dr. Michele Borba will speak with parents, educators, and members of the public at this free evening event. This highly anticipated event is on Monday, October 17 from 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., and includes Q&A and book signing with the author. Michele's visit to Renbrook is part of the David Lentini Speaker Series, made possible by Berkshire Bank. RSVP by Oct. 12 at www.renbrook.org/unselfie.
Ms. Ellef taught preschool students about the lifecycle of the Monarch butterfly on our second day of school! We saw the butterflies get released into our butterfly garden before making their long trek to Mexico!
Renbrook announces this year's musical "School Of Rock". This year's Upper School musical will be the "school version" of Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest musical, based on the 2003 movie "School Of Rock". Still playing to sold-out Broadway audiences after opening in December of 2015, it is exceptionally rare that a school has been allowed to perform a show of this magnitude while still playing on the Broadway stage. The show features three different musical groups, one made up exclusively of current Renbrook students. Renbrook will perform "School Of Rock" March 3, 4, and 5, 2017.
Renbrook Welcomes New Members to the Board of Trustees-READ MORE
Vote for Renbrook School Summer Adventure under the category of "Camp" and Renbrook School under the category of "Preschool/Daycare"...
Grade three made their presentation on National Parks (and sang the song "Fifty Nifty") to the Lower School and their families. See more pics on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154079076891328.1073741870.48454466327&type=3
Students in grades four through nine performed a Choral Pyramid Concert! What a performance!! The concert is meant to show the progression from fourth to ninth grade. To see more photos go to Renbrook School Music Department Facebook page.
One of the ninth grade Spanish classes was given an assignment by their teacher, Mrs. Harshfield, to write short stories in Spanish that would be given to younger students. The class had to use vocabulary words from their textbook. This was a culminating activity for all the work the class did learning the differences between the preterite and imperfect tenses in Spanish. The ultimate goal of this project is to help increase reading and literacy from an early age. For some schools that have a high Hispanic population, some of their younger students cannot read from books written in English yet, but can only read from books written in Spanish. So, this class decided to write books completely in Spanish for Spanish-speaking students to read. The class will send their books to Providence Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia for any students to read and enjoy.
Dr. Beck & the Ninth Grade Service Committee organized a day for the entire student body, faculty and staff to "give back" to the school by helping to beautify the campus on Earth Day. The students and adults worked together in teams completing more than 20 projects, then ended their experience with a friendly game of Capture the Flag.
For thirty-four years schools in Connecticut have awarded thousands of certificates to World Language students who have participated in the Annual Poetry Recitation Contests sponsored by the Connecticut Council of Language Teachers (CT COLT), an organization composed of language teachers from most schools in Connecticut. This year's event, which took place April 6 at East Haven High School, hosted approximately 600 students from 52 schools. This year, eleven students from Renbrook competed in the event: Dominic B. (Spanish HS Heritage Speaker), August B.(Spanish MS Heritage Speaker), Adison B. (Spanish HS 1), Ashley C. (ESOL HS Advanced), Alexandra D. (French MS 2), Alexander E. ( Latin MS 2), Elizabeth F. (French HS 1), Emily G. (Spanish MS 1), Sydney G. (French MS Heritage Speaker), Henry K.(Latin MS 1) and Claire L. (French MS 1). Four of the participants won medals for their recitations: Ashley C.(First Place for ESOL HS Advanced), Emily G. (First Place for Spanish MS 1), Alexander E. (Third Place for Latin MS 2) and Elizabeth F. (Third Place for French HS 1). We are so proud of all our participants! Their enthusiasm for and dedication to language learning are unsurpassed! They competed in 16 languages including American Sign Language (ASL), Ancient Greek, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, English Language Learners (ESOL/ELL), French, German, Modern Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Students prepared their poem recitations at school. Poems for Middle School and Level HS1 had between 10 – 20 lines. All other levels had no less than 14 nor more than 30 lines. Students were judged in four areas: memorization, diction, interpretation, and body language. Latin and Ancient Greek poetry had to be recited according to the classical metrics. In some of the languages, students selected poems from a predetermined slate, while in other languages students were free to select a poem of their choice. The following categories were judged: Middle School, beginning and continuing; High School levels 1-6; Heritage Speakers (MS and HS) for students of Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Modern Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Latin and Ancient Greek students did not have the latter category. American Sign Language students included hearing and hearing impaired anywhere from one year to three years or more. ESOL students included high beginner, intermediate, and advanced for Middle School and High School. There were up to three prizes for each level of each language. All participants were awarded certificates of participation. In Photo: (L-R): August B., Alex E., Sydney G., Ellie F., Emily G., Claire L., Dominic B., Alexandra D., Ashley C., and Henry K.
Members of the sixth grade did a FANTASTIC job acting out skits of the origins of Greek Gods, myths and heroes. See more pictures HERE.
Members of our kindergarten classes show their appreciation of all the wonderful new furniture items gifted to the school from our Grandparents. Thank you!! View more pictures HERE.
Renbrook participated in the New England Math League Contest over the break. Congrats to all who participated. Here are the results: Grade Six one of top 28 schools in New England 2nd in region Sophie G ranked 4th in region Grade Seven One of top 31 schools in New England Sam Q ranked as one of top 36 students in New England 1st place in region and we won a plaque Sam Q 2nd and Rich S 4th individuals in region Grade Eight One of top 31 schools in New England 3rd place in region Alana C 3rd in region as individual
The third graders bring learning to life with their Immigration Projects. Students conducted research on the internet and from books in the classroom, along with their own family story, to create a realistic fiction account of an immigrant coming to America any time from 1880-1910. Students completed a graphic organizer based on their research and then wrote 4 paragraph reports including topics such as where they emigrated from, why they came to America, their feelings, what they brought and what they'll do now that they are in America....
New York Times bestselling author Garth Stein discussed his book "The Art of Racing in the Rain" at Renbrook School during the school day with students and with invited guests in the evening. His story was chosen as Renbrook's first "One School Read". All Renbrook students have received an age appropriate edition of The Art of Racing in the Rain. Garth's visit to Renbrook will encourage cross-grade conversations....
The Renbrook Student Council, along with other students, were trained by the ADL. The program increases awareness about the unique impact of cyberbullying, and provides strategies for young people to respond effectively to cyberbullying. This interactive training program provided practical information and opportunities for skill-building that will support students in developing personal strategies for protecting themselves against cyberbullying as well as acting as cyberallies. The trained students will become facilitators for conversations with the entire Upper School during upcoming advisory classes.
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